The Interface between Kinship and Politics in Three Different Social Settings

 Signe Howell presents three studies in her paper. They show the relationships between politics and kinship but each of them do not show correlation in kinship and socio-political organization.

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The first presentation represent Chewong, a small hunting-gathering-shifting cultivating group of people who live in Peninsular Malaysia.  Chewong is an interesting example of an "anarchic-solidarity" society. The second example concerns Lio who are settled agriculturalists in the highlands of Flores, Eastern Indonesia. Lio represent an extreme contrast to Chewong. Theirs is a highly stratified sociopolitical organization that is constituted through kinship and which is predicated upon the cosmogenic past through patrilineal and (less obvious, but no less important) matrilineal descent (Howell  1995a ). The third example is from a contemporary norwedgian egalitarian welfare society in which individual autonomy is highly valued.

Tags: Kinship, Chewong, Lio, Peninsular Malaysia, Flores, Eastern Indonesia, Norms, Holistic societies, Individualistic society
Published Oct. 9, 2019 1:26 PM - Last modified Jan. 13, 2020 9:46 AM