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In his essay, Arnd Schneider discusses the term "uneven hermeneutics" as a basis for understanding different world-views (alterities) and the possibilities of their 'translation' in the art-anthropology encounter.

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In this article published in Public Anthropologist Nefissa Naguib explores humanitarian shame among local providers of aid in Norway. 

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Nefissa Naguib has contributed with a chapter that reviews the uses of family in the anthropology of Egypt. The chapter explains a shift from an anthropological critique of the discourse power of family toward the analytical treatment of family as a broader category of the ethnographic study.

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Marianne Lien describes aquaculture and the relations between humans and nonhumans triggered by salmon farming.

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In his chapter, Arnd Schneider argues for a hermeneutic approach to understand cultural appropriation.

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In this book, edited by Nefissa Naguib and Marcia C. Inhorn, we get an intimate look at the everyday lives of muslim men that challenges common stereotypes.

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Astrid Stensrud focuses on the driving forces behind social differences in southern Peru

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