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In his essay Arnd Schneider discusses practices by two inherently unstable discipines, art and anthropology.

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In Signe Howells analysis of the Lio, she has argued that hierarchical relations must be understood in the relationship between adat (cosmology) and the Catholic Church.

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In this article, Maria A. Guzman-Gallegos explores the interconnections among severe oil contamination, a state-led consultation process, and compensation practices in Peru’s oldest oilfield.

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 In this article, Jon Henrik Z. Remme develops an anthropological approach to ontology that highlights dynamics, transformation and the permeability of ontological boundaries.

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Jon Henrik Ziegler Remme discusses how Ifugao indigenous religion is influenced by earlier ethnographic descriptions.

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In this article, Jon Henrik Ziegler Remme discusses human-spirit relations among the Filippino highland people Ifugao.

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Astrid Stensrud discusses modes of precarity the mobile phone businesses created in the street economy of the Peruvian city of Cusco

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Christianity has a long history of representing the morally good for the Ahamb people on the Island Vanuatu. Tom Bratrud refers to how Ahamb people understand their fellow human by using Christian moral  standards.

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In her essay Nefissa Naguib shows the humanitarian encounter and  how volunteer movement founded in response to the refugee crisis, despite Norwegian government policies.

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Jon Henrik Ziegler Remme describes how  the Ifugao use olfactory, auditory and tactile techniques to manage relations with other humans and spirits.

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In her study Signe Howell show the strong emotionality that accompanies the inability to become a mother biologically and the extreme joy experienced when adoption succeeds.

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Fish sentience in industrial human-animal relations is the topic of a recent book chapter by Marianne Lien and John Law

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Marianne E. Lien and John Law provide an interesting insight into salmon aquaculture.

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Jonas Kure Buer sheds light on a pivotal moment in the history of rheumatology, while modelling an anthropological approach to drug categories as meaning-making Devices

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