WRECKAGE AND RECOVERY:Exploring the Nature of Nature

Anthropos and the material is both a research project and a strategic plan for a research network targeting the thematic area People, Nature and Environments.Department of Social Anthropology is represented with article contributions from Rune Flikke, Knut Gunnar Nustad and Jon Rasmus Nyquist.

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Participants from the Department of Social Anthropology, University of Oslo:


Rune Flikke:  "Smell of Decay, Scent of Progress: Eucalyptus as a Public Health Actor in Victorian South Africa".


Knut G. Nustad: "Beyond Purifications: Exploring Conservation and its Critique"


Jon Rasmus Nyquist: "Ways of contextualizing Cane Toads: Invasive species and Community Engagement in the Making"






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