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Sindre Bangstad is discussing the question if  the freedom of speech become freedom to hate?  He takes part in a discussionforum  well-known as the  The Immanent Frame. The forum was founded in October of 2007 in conjunction with the Social Science Research Council’s program on Religion and the Public Sphere

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Sindre Bangstad har sammen med Jacob Høigilt  i siste nummer av Nytt Norsk Tidsskrift skrevet artikkelen "Hvordan forstå muslimbrødrene? Islamisme i den arabiske og den europeiske konteksten".

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Sindre Bangstad bidrar i antalogien Multikulturell teori og flerkulturelle praksiser

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In the May publication of Theory, Culture and Society   the work of the influential poststructuralist and postcolonial anthropologist  Saba Mahmood (UC Berkeley, USA) is being explored by Sindre Bangstad. Saba Mahmood’s work in anthropology adopts an Asadian and Butlerian approach, particularly in the seminal Politics of Piety.

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Susanne Brandtstädter gir i denne artikkelen et innblikk i drivkrefter blant kinesiske "bønder"som arbeider for å  oppnå like sivile muligheter og rettigheter i det kineskiske samfunnet.

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In this article Signe Howell shows how farming tradition in Chewong areas in Peninsular Malaysia are being influenced by market economy. How inequalities are experienced and how the relations with outsiders influence  daily life.