Identity Cards, Abducted Footprints, and the Book of San Gonzalo: The Power of Textual Objects in Runa Wordview

In her chapter María Guzmán-Gallegos broadens the discussion of native Amazonian notions of subjectivity and agency.

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María Guzmán-Gallegos highlights the connections Amazonian Runa establish between human subjectivity and their theories of materiality, which conceive of objects as having  varying degrees of subjectivity and agency. She shows how the Amazonian Kichwa (or Runa) consider that identification and identity cards, issued by the State, are capable of affecting their bodies, as well as their subjectivity and agency. She suggests that the Runa approach to identity documents highlights the asymmetrical character of the system of interethnic power relations in which they are immersed, their efforts to overcome it and the limitations inherent to the system.

Tags: Native amazonian, Personhood, Material culture
Published Mar. 16, 2017 10:06 AM - Last modified Mar. 16, 2017 10:06 AM