Domestication Gone Wild:Politics and Practices of Multispecies Relations

This anthology challenges and expands the concept of domestication.

Edited by Heather Swanson, Marianne Lien and Gro Ween

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This book explores how situated relations with animals and plants are linked with politics of human difference and, conversely, how politics are historically inscribed in landscapes and seascapes. Seeking to combine insights from multispecies scholarship with critical attention to historically consequential relations of power, the contributors ask: how are the politics of human difference intertwined with plants’  and animals’ lives, with their changing bodies, and with shifting landscape formations? Rather than writing off domestication as a misinformed narrative or an outdated historical tool, we use it as an entry point into some of the core political stakes and debates that emerge in relation to multispecies anthropology. Through engagement with domestication, we show how plants and animals matter to politics of human difference. In short, it is suggested that domestication is a set of ideas ripe for revision at precisely this historical moment.

Tags: Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Environmental Studies, Geography, Domestication
Published Jan. 13, 2020 9:41 AM - Last modified Jan. 13, 2020 10:31 AM