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Martin D.Frederiksen text is leading the reader back and forth between observations on a place in its non-existence and detailed being, references to and analysis of nothingness versus nothing and the importance of a counterpart of nothing in everything. Katharina Stadler

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Thomas Hylland Eriksen explores the ambivalence by telling the story of Gladstone, and relating it to the larger forces of economic globalization at the expense of vulnerable sea nature .

An extract from Boomtown can be accessed here.

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This text by Nefissa Naguib is a study of Syrian refugees who crossed the Russian-Norwegian border by bicycle. Nefissa Naguib is co-editor  with Maria C. Inhorn on the anthology Reconceiving Muslim Men


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María Guzmán-Gallegos and Astrid B. Stensrud have published chapters that deal with abandoned oil installations, water resources and life projects. Both contributions are based on fieldwork in Peru.

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Arnd Schneiderco-edited a new book on the 'field as staged' in performance, art and anthropology.

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These texts, with a contribution from María A.Guzmán-Gallegos, are written 'from the epistemic space of communities and movements against forms of capitalist globalisation and extractive operations'.(cf.Machado et al.) 

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Thomas Hylland Eriksen and Ramola Ramtohul are editing topics ranging from political leadership, language, religion and interactions to the materiality of multiculturalism from when Mauritius proclaimed independence in 1968, up to our time.

A preview of the book is available here.