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Exploring a post-mechanistic turn in human and biological sciences as a cultural precondition for future sustainability

Short project summary

Version November 2016 (To be updated February 2018):

The project planned to produce 1) an international and interdisciplinary 3-day workshop in Oslo on sustainability, 2) an evening public meeting at Litteraturhuset to share our findings, 3) a report/journal article based on the workshop results, 4) a new follow-up project proposal, 5) 1 or 2 films from the workshop for distribution through Kunnskapskanalen and the internet. The workshop 27-29 June 2016 presented various takes on the concept of sustainability and we used this to explore the possibilities for a new common theoretical ground for the social sciences and biology based on recent advances within social anthropology, economics and evolutionary biology. We tested our concepts and theories against the empirical example of sustainability in the Norwegian REDD+ initiative (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in developing countries) presented by the director of the Rainforest Foundation who is a founding stakeholder for this inititave. A synthesising scientific paper (in preparation) will address both theoretical and empirical issues, including radical interdisciplinarity as a theme in its own right. The films and video-documentation are currently being edited. A new, follow-up research proposal for the project "THE BIG PICTURE - developing a holistic, interdisciplinary understanding of the needed transition to a sustainable, low-emission society." was submitted to the Research Council of Norwary 7. Sept 2016 by Eriksen (PI) and Sinding-Larsen, Dept of Social anthropology, Univ of Oslo. Several central actors from SUSTAINABILITY (notably Deacon and Wilson) were part of it.

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Henrik Sinding-Larsen

Researcher, Dept. of social anthropology, University of Oslo, P.O.Box 1091 Blindern, 0317 Oslo,  Norway.