Overheating seminar with Hugo Ferreira: “Cooling down” in an overheating world: the inhabitants of an ecovillage and their narratives and practices for deglobalizing.

PhD student Hugo de Carvalho Ferreira, the Faculty of Social and Cultural Sciences, Europa-Universität, Viadrina


Hugo de Carvalho Ferreira (Photo: private)


My PhD project is about the Hurdal ecovillage – a 15 years old community based on an ecological lifestyle. Since my arrival in this ecovillage, I observed myriads of deglobalizing practices and behaviours, somehow connected to the principles of ecolocalism. There is a certain ecological ethics/aesthetics on growing and making one’s own food, conscious/reflexive consumption and a wish to become as self-sufficient from the “system” as possible. Therefore, if we live in an overheating world - a world with an accelerated rate of change and increasing flow of people, materials and ideas – it seems that this ecovillage is trying to “cool down”. In this sense, this presentation proposes a dialogue with the Overheating project, i.e., using “Overheating glasses” in order to make coherence in my own ethnographic data.


Published Jan. 25, 2017 7:50 AM - Last modified Feb. 6, 2017 12:16 PM