Inclusion and exclusion in an overheated world

Thomas Hylland Eriksen recently held a lecture in Aveiro, Portugal. Watch the video here.

Thomas Hylland Eriksen travelled to Aveiro, Portugal in late October 2017, where he spent his time engaging with PhD-students and colleagues in cultural studies, as well as giving a lecture about Overheating.

From the abstract:

"In the contemporary world, change has accelerated only in the last 25 years: Anything from coal exports to international trade and the number of photos taken annually has grown almost exponentially since the end ot the Cold War. This is what overheating is about: it is a runaway growth process without a thermostat or regulator. What are the implications of this accelerated growth for belonging, identification and modes of inclusion and exclusion in complex societies? Generating heat creates frictions – which are the main frictions in contemporary societies, how have they emerged, and how can they best be understood?

The lecture eventually takes on familiar examples such as Brexit, the so-called refugee crisis and the election of the Twitter president, but it also looks for global patterns by hinting at similar overheating effects elsewhere in the world."

Here is the video of the lecture, including the Q&A session at the end.

Published Nov. 2, 2017 11:23 AM - Last modified Nov. 2, 2017 11:32 AM