The symposium on September 12 will present three of the world's leading scientists who have pursued Bateson's groundbreaking ideas, and they will introduce the subject from three complementary perspectives. The symposium will have an emphasis on conversations rather than monologic lectures. To give the audience an opportunity to get aquainted with some of the ideas of the speakers, we have made a available a few articles and youtube-links.

Professor Terrence W. Deacon (biological anthropologist, neuroscientist, and philoshoper, University of California, Berkeley).  Author of books: Incomplete nature: how mind emerged from matter (2012) and The symbolic species: the co-evolution of language and the brain (1997).

Title of talk: Why systems thinking is not enough: From the origins of life to the current eco-crisis.

Professor Jesper Hoffmeyer (biologist and philosopher, University of Copenhagen). Author and editor of numerous books, among them: Overfladens dyb: da kroppen blev psykisk (2012), Tro på tvivl: kritik af religiøs og videnskabelig ufornuft (2009) and A legacy of living systems: Gregory Bateson as precursor to biosemiotics (2008) (as editor).

Title of talk: The environmental crisis and the desemiotization of the modern view of nature..

Professor Peter Harries-Jones (anthropologist and historian of science, York University). Author of the book: A recursive vision: ecological understanding and Gregory Bateson (1995).

Title of talk: Feedback and the Voice of Sanity.

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