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Academic Publications

Under review and  forthcoming

Gro B. Ween. Fiskere, forskere og forvaltere i Tana. Calliidlagadus, Karasjok. (bokmanus til vurdering)

Gro B. Ween og Kristin Asdal. Writing Nature. Special issue of Nordic Journal of Science and Technology Studies (til vurdering)

Kristin Asdal, Tone Druglitrø and Steve Hinchliffe. Sentient Creatures. Transforming politics and life matters. Anthology  proposal publication submitted to publisher for review.  (with contributions on sentient salmon  from Marianne Lien and John Law)

David Byrne and Gro B Ween (forthcoming) Bridging the Nature Culture Divide. In: Lynn Meskell (ed.) Blackwells Companion on World Heritage. Blackwell.

John Law and Marianne E. Lien (under review)  Denaturalising Nature. Edited Collection from the Sawyer Seminar Series. Marisol de la Cadena and Mario Blaser (eds.). Duke University Press.

Marianne E. Lien (forthcoming) 'Unruly Appetites; Salmon Domestication 'all the way down'. In: Anna Tsing, Heather Swanson, Elaine Gan, Nils Bubandt. Island Press.



Marianne E. Lien (2015 ) 'Becoming Salmon. Aquaculture and the domestication of a fish'. Oakland: University of California Press.

Marianne E. Lien and John Law (2015) 'What I need to know to be a fish farmer in West Norway'. In Illana Gershon (ed.) : A World of Work: How to be a...  Ithaca. Cornell University Press. An early version of this paper is available here.

Kristin Asdal (2015) “Enacting Values from the Sea”, in Isabel Dussauge, Carl-Fredrik Helgesson and Francis Lee (eds) Value Practices in the Life Sciences and Medicine. Oxford University Press.


John Law and Marianne E. Lien ( 2014), 'Animal Architextures', pages 329-337 in Penelope Harvey, Eleanor Casella, Gillian Evans, Hannah Knox, Christine McLean, Elizabeth Silva, Nicholas Thoburn and Kath Woodward (eds), Objects and Materials: a Routledge Companion, Abingdon and New York, Routledge. Read an early version here

Kristin Asdal & Gro B. Ween (2014). Special Issue of Nordic Journal of Science and Technology Studies. 'Writing Nature'. vol. 2., no. 1.

Kristin Asdal & Gro B. Ween (2014). Introduction to special issue, pp. 4-10.

Gro B. Ween (2014). Tracking Nature Inscribed: Nature in rights and in bureaucratic practice, pp 28-34.



Gro B. Ween (2013)  'Antropologi må forholde seg til ANT':  Om etikk, myter og talens rett. Invitert debattinnle.   Norsk Antropologisk Tidsskrift nr. 3.

Merete Camilla Ødegaard (2013) 'I samme båt' - stakere, fluefiskere og maskulinitet i laksefisket i Alta. Master Thesis at the Dept. of Social Anthropology. Oslo: University of Oslo.

John Law and Marianne E. Lien (2013), 'Slippery: Field Notes on Empirical Ontology',  Social Studies of Science 2013 ;Volume 4.(3) 363-378.   (Available online September 13th 2012 at:


John Law and Vicky Singleton (2013), 'ANT and politics: working in and on the world'. Qualitative Sociology, 36 (4), 485-502. Read an early version here


Marianne E. Lien, Knut Nustad and Gro B. Ween  (2012) Introduksjon: ANTropologiens Grenseflater. Norsk Antropologisk Tidsskrift. 3-4 (214-224)

Marianne E. Lien (2012) Mot en postkolonial hjemmeantropologi. Aktør-nettverk teori i studier av oss selv. Norsk Antropologisk Tidsskrift. 3-4 (302-315)

John Law (2012), 'Notes on Fish, Ponds and Theory', in Norsk antropologisk tidsskrift 3-4, (225-226)Read an early version here.

Gro B. Ween (2012) 'Domestiseringens Natur: Laks, perspektivisme og ANT. Norsk Antropologisk Tidsskrift. 3-4 (261-273)

Gro B. Ween (2012) Resisting the Imminent Death of Wild Salmon. In Fishing People of the North: Cultures, Economies, and Management Responding to Change, edited by C. Carothers, K. Criddle, C.P. Chambers, P.J. Cullenberg, J. Fall, A. Himes-Cornell, J.P. Johnsen, N. Kimball, C. Menzies, and E.S. Springer. Alaska Sea Grant, University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Nordeide, Anita (2012) Møte mellom menneske og laks. Om laksefiskepraksiser i Namsenvassdraget. Master Thesis at the Dept. of Social Anthropology. Oslo: University of Oslo.

Dalheim, Line (2012) Into the wild and back again: Hatching 'wild salmon' in Western Norway. Master Thesis at the Dept. of Social Anthropology. Oslo: University of Oslo.

Marianne E. Lien (2012) Salmon Trajectories along the North Pacific Rim. Diversity, Exchange and Human-Animal Relations. In: Ben Colombi and James F. Brooks (eds.) Keystone Nations: Indigenous Peoples and Salmon across the Northern Pacific. Santa Fe: Seminar of Advanced research Press. Full text pdf here

Gro Ween ( 2012). Performing Indigeneity in human-salmon relations. Salmon, Sami and Natural Resource Management. in R. Ellefsen, G. Larsen, R. Sollund (Eds.) Eco-global Crimes: Contemporary and Future Challenges. London: Ashgate.

Gro Ween and Marianne Lien (2012). Decolonisation in the Arctic? Nature Practices and Rights in sub-Arctic Norway. Journal of Rural and Community Development, 7(1): 93-109.

Gro Ween (2012) NerVEI. Om sted som praksis og sted som bevegelse. For Mary-Bente Bringslid (Ed.) Utvikling når avvikling er alternativet. Oslo:Spartacus.


Gro Ween (2011) Doing is Learning: Analysis of an unsuccessful attempt to adapt TEK/IK methodology to Norwegian Sami circumstances. Acta Borealia 2011(2):228-242.

Gro Ween (2011) Refleksjoner om dekolonisering: Intervju med Tom Svensson. Norsk Antropologisk Tidsskrift 2011 (1) s. 49-60

Simone Abram and Marianne E. Lien (2011) Performing Nature at World's Ends. Ethnos Volume 76 (1) pp.3-18.

Marianne E. Lien and John Law, (2011) 'Emergent Aliens': On Salmon, Nature and their Enactment'. Ethnos Volume 76 (1) pp. 65 - 87.  Read an early version here


Gro B. Ween (2010) Den kulturelle betydningen av sjølaksefisket for sjøsamene.. I: Sjølaksefisket i Finnmark i et historisk perspektiv. Utredning for Finnmarkskommisjonen, 24. juni 2010.. :, Finnmarkskommisjonen. s. 85-99

Gro Ween (2010) A review essay inspired by Indigenous Peoples, self-determination, Knowledge, Identity. By Henry Minde, in collaboration with Harald Gaski, Svein Jentoft and Georges Midré. Delft: Eburon. 2008.. Forum for Development Studies ;Volum 37.(2) s. 281-286


Gro Ween og Rune Flikke (Mars 2009), ’Naturen som praksiser: Natur i nyere norsk antropologi.’ Norsk Antropologisk Tidsskrift. S.6-15, Nr. 1-2, Volum 20, 2009. ISSN 0802-7285

Academic Talks


16th June 2014. Marianne E. Lien. Porductive Friction (or: Thinking through salmon). Textures of Collaboration and the transformative potential of the idea of multiple worlds. Invited paper at 'Collaborative Moments; An explorative workshop on interdisciplinarity in practice'. Schæffergaarden. University of Copenhagen/ Waterworlds/ NOW. Convened by Kirsten Hastrup.

5th June 2014. Marianne E. Lien. 'Becoming Sentient. Chroegraphies of Care in Salmon Farming'. Invited presentation  at Linköping University,  Linköping Seminar Series, Tema T.

10th May 2014. Marianne E. Lien.  'Escapee, homeless and those that 'wander off'. Salmon as rubble in Norwegian Rivers'. Invited paper at the conference 'Anthropocene: Arts of living on a damaged planet'. Session on Co-species history. Santa Cruz, California. University of California, Santa Cruz, in Collaboration With the AURA Project, Aarhus University. Convened by Anna Tsing.  See podcast here: (scroll down for Liens presentation)


25th April 2014. John Law. 'The Practices of Fishy Sentience'. Keynote at the British Animal Studies Network meeting on Feeling, 25th-26th April 2014, Strathclyde University, Glasgow.


25th January. Marianne E. Lien 'Fluid Domestication; Salmon trajectories along the Vosso river watershed'.  Keynote at the CUBI converence: Cultures of  Biodiversity, Perceptions and Practices. Soria Moria, Oslo, convened by Signe Howell, University of Oslo.



6th November 2013. Marianne E. Lien. 'Salmon multiple: Creating dialogue across disciplinary boundaries. Keynote at the AURA copening onference: Living in the Anthropcene: approaches, responsibilities and visions'. Aarhus University. Denmark. 

26th September 2013. Marianne E. Lien: 'Domestication as Emergent Relations'. Department Seminar at the Dept. of Social Anthropology, University of Bergen.

7th September 2013. John Law. Denaturalising Nature. Sub-plenary presented at the CRESC Annual conference, SOAS, London, UK.

6th September 2013. Gro B. Ween Stories from the Arctic: Contestations of knowledge, change and the enactment of in/vulnerability. Paper presented at the CRESC Annual conference. SOAS, London, UK:

6th September 2013. Marianne E. Lien: 'Farmed salmon and other escapees; Salmon storytelling from below. Paper presented at the CRESC Annual conference, panel entitled: 'Knowing landscapes. Morphologies of Emergent Practices'. SOAS, London, UK:

13th August 2013. Marianne E. Lien: ' Perspectives on marine domestication, food for global markets and sustainable mass-production' Invited plenary presentation at the seminar: Making Sense of Science, organised by Research Council Norway, Innovation Norway, the Norwegian Seafood Research Fund and the European Aquaculture Society. Aquanor, Trondheim, Norway.

6th August 2013. Marianne E. Lien. Domestication 'after nature': Textures and temporalities in salmon aquaculture. Paper presented at the IUAES conference, panel entitled: 'Querying Domestication; The Ethnographies of human-animal entanglements'. Manchester, UK.

6th August 2013. Gro B. Ween. The Nature of Arctic Domestication. Paper presented at the IUAES conference, panel entitled: 'Querying Domestication; The Ethnographies of human-animal entanglements'. Manchester, UK.

17th June 2013. John Law: Denaturalising Nature. Keynote presented at the University College London Inaugaural Annual Conference: Responding to Environmental Complexity. UCL, London, UK.

13th June 2013. Marianne E. Lien: Domestication Retold. Keynote lecture at the seminar: 'A Post-Human World? Rethinking anthropology and the human condition. Annual symposium at the University of Sydney, Australia.

4th June 2013. Marianne E. Lien: Domestication as partial relations; Lively Attachments and the Anthropos of Anthropology. Invited paper presented at the Sawyer Seminar workshop. University of California, Davis. US.

4th May 2013. Gro B. Ween Plenary discussion at the Norwegian Anthropological Association Conference. 'Antropologi må forholde seg til ANT': Innlegg med tittelen: Om etikk, myter og talens rett. (Skal publiseres i Norsk Antropologisk Tidsskrift 2013:3)

17th April 2013 Gro B. Ween. Domestiseringens Natur. TIK- seminar. Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture, University of Oslo.

4th April 2013. Gro B. Ween. Resisting the immediate presence of climate change. The temporality, relationality, and the ontological politics of local knowledge in Tana, Norway. Key note at the Arctic Center. Rovaniemi, Finland.

21st March 2013 Gro B. Ween The nature of Domestication: Salmon, phenomonology and ANT. Department seminar. Department for Social Anthropology, University of Aberdeen.

8th January 2013  Gro B. Ween. Research on Rivers. Presentation at 'Research day', University of Aberdeen.



7th December 2012  Gro B Ween STS in huiman-animal relations.  Seminar in the Arctic Domus working group, University of Aberdeen.

16th November 2012. Gro B. Ween: 'Salmon Cycles: Death and Other Purposes'.  Paper presented at the panel: 'Scales of time and the making of matsutake and salmon worlds'. American Anthropological Association Annual meeting, San Francisco 14th-18th November. California, US

16th November 2012. Marianne E. Lien.  'Multiplying Salmon: Textures and temporalities of hatchery attachments'. Paper presented at the panel: 'Scales of time and the making of matsutake and salmon worlds'. American Anthropological Association Annumal meeting, San Francisco 14th-18th November, California, US.

5th November 2012, Marianne E. Lien Becoming Sentient; Chroeographies of Care in salmon farming. Paper presented at the Colloquium, Department of Anthropology, University of California, Santa Cruz. US.

29th October 2012, John Law and Marianne E. Lien 'Denaturalising Nature', Sawyer Seminar public introductory talk in Anthropology, University of California, Davis.US.

25th October 2012, John Law and Marianne E. Lien 'Enacting Multiple Salmon: Conversation acrosss disciplinary practices'. Invited presentation at Social Science and Justice seminar series, University of California, Santa Cruz. (With Robin Waples and Rachel Barnett-Johnson). US. 

12th July 2012. Destabilising Nature and the Anthropos. Panel at the EASA conference,  Convened by  Marianne Lien, Gro B. Ween and Simone Abram. (Introduction by Lien and Abram). Nanterre. France

12th July 2012 Gro B. Ween. The Nature of Domestication. Salmon, perspectivism and ANT. Paper at the panel Destabilising Nature and the Anthropos. EASA conference, Nanterr,. France.  

22nd May 2012 Marianne E. Lien. Scaly Companions: Salmon Aquaculture as Domestication. Department Seminar. Dept. of Social Anthropology. University of Oslo.

9th May 2012  Gro B. Ween Elaborations on forms of fluidity. Departmental Seminar, Dept. of Anthropology, University of Oslo

6th May 2012 Marianne E. Lien. 'Domestication as Mediation: Fieldnotes from the 'City of Fish'. Invited key note lecture at the joint annual conference of NAT (Norwegian Anthropological Association) and SANT (Swedish Anthropological Association). University of Stockholm, Sweden.

5th May 2012 Gro B. Ween  Naturlig mediering: Antropologiske tilnærminger til naturkonflikter.Panel at the annual NAF/SANT conference in Stockholm. Convened by Gro B. Ween and Rune Flikke. Sweden.

28th March 2012. Marianne Lien. Introduksjon til formidlingsseminaret 'Kan vi leve sammen?'. Oslo: Litteraturhuset.

15st of February 2012. Gro B. Ween, Rune Flikke, Knut G. Nustad. Å skrive antropologisk natur. KULTRANS seminar: Å skrive Natur. 

2012. Kan vi leve sammen? Marianne E. Lien & Gro B. Ween. Tverrfaglig formidlingsseminar om oppdrett og villaks. Litteraturhuset, Oslo. (Introductions by Lien and Ween)

21st of February 2012. Gro B. Ween. Tana Stories: elaboration on forms of fluidity. 'Materiality, performativity and ethnographis'. Doctoral Course and seminar, University of Tromsø.

20th of February 2012. Marianne E. Lien. Salmon as Companion Species? Reflections on Domestication and Human-Animal Relations. Materiality, performativity and ethnographies'. Doctoral Course and seminar, University of Tromsø

20th of February 2012. John Law. Notes on Fish, Ponds and Theory.Materiality, performativity and ethnographies'. Doctoral Course and seminar, University of Tromsø

19th January 2012. Marianne Lien. 'Nytt dyr på gården; Atlantisk laks fra villmark til industri'. Invited presentation at the annual Aqkva conference, Stord, Norway.


17th December 2011, John Law . “Uncommon Worlds, or Notes on Fish and Ponds”, Debordements, Ecole des Mines de Paris, Paris 17th December 2011 [plenary]

17th of November 2011. Gro B. Ween & Ben Colombi.  Two Rivers: Nature protection and Indigenous rights entanglements in strategies to save disappearing fish. AAA

September 2011; John Law. “Fishy Parables”, Department of Anthropology, New School of Social Research, New York

13th September 2011. Gro B. Ween, Kolarctic salmon,’ a co-operation between three countries over a common resource: the Atlantic salmon in the Barents Sea.. Lowell Wakefield Symposium. University of Alaska, Achorage.

29th August 2011, Gro B. Ween Stories from Tana Fjord: An elaboration on forms of fluidity. People over the Seas: Nordic and Scottish perspectives. University of St Andrews.

17th June 2011; John Law. “Weaving Theory in Practice”, Living with Mess: in, out of, and indifferent to Actor Network Theory, Birkbeck College, London [plenary]

14th June 2011; John Law “Fishing”, The Baroque as Empirical Sensibility Workshop, CRESC, University of Manchester

7th May 2011; John Law . “Theory in the Weave of Practice”, ‘ANThropology: interfaces’, Panel at the Norsk Antropologisk Forenings Årskonferanse 2011, 6-8 May 2011, Oslo University

11th May 2011, Gro B. Ween 'Playing with Food? Multiplicity of Ethics regarding Catch and Release'. Paper presented at the KULTRANS workshop: 'Taking Care of Nature and the Natural: Investigating the Specificities of Care in Human-Nature Relationships'. University of Oslo.

7th May 2011, Marianne Lien ANT. Introduction to the panel ANThropology: Interfaces. (Panel launched by Lien and Ween as part of the Newcomers project) Panel at the Norsk Antropologisk Forenings Årskonferanse 2011, 6-8 May 2011,

15th March 2011, Gro B. Ween Local knowledge; history, methodology and uses for salmon management.. Trelandssamarbeid om vår felles ressurs: Den atlantiske laksen i Barentsregionen. Paper presented at 'Trelandssamarbeid om vår felles ressurs: Den atlantiske laksen i Barentsregionen'. Fylkesmannen i Finnmark, Vadsø.

10th March 2011; John Law.  “Indeterminate Devices” at the Device Workshop, CRESC, London, 10-11th March 2011

9th March 2011; Gro B. Ween World Heritage and Indigenous Rights: Anthropological perspectives.. Our common dignity:Towards Rights-based World Heritage Management

4th March 2011; John Law . “Non-coherent Research, or Theory in Practice”, Critical Methods in Security Studies, Centre for Citizenship, Identities and Governance, Open University, Milton Keynes, UK, 4th-5th March, 2011 [plenary]


1 December 2010, Gro Ween. Invitert kommentator på IHOPE workshop, Stockholm Resilience Centre.

28 November 2010, Gro Ween. Tanalaks, interessekonflikter og forvaltning. Åpent foredrag for Kvænangen kommune

26 November 2010, Gro Ween. Invitert kommentator på forskerseminar, Institutt for sosiologi, statsvitenskap og samfunnsplanlegging, Universitetet i Tromsø.

2nd November 2010; Marianne Lien. 'On being peripheral: Salmon Aquaculture at the 'world's ends' (A comparison of salmon aquaculutre in Norway and Tasmania) Invited paper presented at the Beyond Periphery workshop, Part II, Whyalla, Sout Australia.

21st October 2010 John Law.  “Following Heterogeneities”, Following Commodities, University of South Australia, Adelaide, 21st October 2010 [plenary]

17 September 2010, John Law, 'Fishy Companions?' Invited keynote presented at the conference' Sentient Creatures-Transforming Biopolitics and Life Matters', Thorbjørnrud

17 September 2010 Gro B. Ween, 'How the salmon found its way home: The muted mobile'. paper presented at the conference' Sentient Creatures-Transforming Biopolitics and Life Matters', Thorbjørnrud

16 September 2010 Marianne Lien, 'Choreographies of Death; Suffering and sensibilities in human-salmon relations'. Paper presented at the conference' Sentient Creatures-Transforming Biopolitics and Life Matters', Thorbjørnrud,

25 August 2010; Marianne Lien, Introduction to the Panel 'Imaginnig Fish- Nature Assemblages Under Water'. (Launched by Marianne Lien and Gro Ween) European Association of Social Anthropology (EASA) conference on 'Crisis and Imagination', Maynooth, Ireland.

25 August 2010, Gro B. Ween, 'Clever fish? Exploring ongoing conversations with salmon in Tana River, Norway'. Paper presented at the workshop 'Imagning fish - Nature Assemblages Under Water'. European Association of Social Anthropology (EASA) conference on 'Crisis and Imagination', Maynooth, Ireland.

1 July 2010, John Law, 'Fishy Companions', keynote talk to 'Reconsidering Detachment: the Ethnics and Analytics of Disconnection', Girton College, Cambridge University.

10 June 2010, John Law, 'Fishy Parables', STS Seminar, Said Business School, Oxford University.

18 May 2010, Marianne Lien ' Salmon assemblaghes - Salmon relations'. Invited discussant's comments at the School for Advanced Research Seminar 'Indigeneous peoples and Salmon in the Northern Pacific'. School of Advanced Research, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

7 May 2010, John Law, 'Fishy Stories', keynote plenary talk and conversation with Donna Haraway at Society for Cultural Anthropology Annual Meeting on 'Natureculture: Entangled Relations of Multiplicity' Santa Fe, New Mexico.

5 March 2010, Gro Ween, 'Resisting the Imminent Death of Wild Salmon', Instituttseminar, Sosialantropologisk institutt, Universitetet i Tromsø.

17 Februar 2010, Marianne Lien, 'Newcomers to the farm'; Om laksens nye livsformer. Innlegg ved konferansen MILJØ-2015 i regi av Norges Forskningsråd. Thon Hotell Opera, Oslo.


19 November 2009, Gro Ween, 'Doing Business with Nature. Contemporary Norwegian Natural Resource Management', Seminar. Universitetet for Miljø og Biovitenskap.

19 November 2009, Marianne Lien, 'Marine Domestication - A Social Science Approach'. Invited paper at the 6th BENEFISH project meeting. Faro, Portugal. (BENEFISHis an EU-funded project on fish welfare directed by Sunil Kadri, University of Glasgow).

23 September 2009, Marianne Lien. ’Performing nature in the North-Atlantic. Salmon transformations and questions of indigeneity’, Keynote at CEPIN Conference, ‘Contested identities, contested cultures and contested rights. Change and challenges in the Northern European periphery’. Universitetet i Tromsø.

14 September 2009, Gro Ween ’Antropologiske studier av natur; Eksempler fra prosjektet Newcomers to the farm’, Innføringsseminar ved OSI-hytta for bachelorstudenter i sosialantropologi, OSI-hytta/Oslo. (formidling til studenter).

10 June 2009, Gro Ween og Marianne Lien. ’Performing Indigeneity in Human-salmon relations’, Invited contribution to workshop at the University of Aberdeen.

20 February 2009, Marianne Lien, 'The case of Atlantic salmon as an invasive speices. Performing indigeneity in human-salmon relations', Interdisciplinary workshop on ‘Marine invasive species’, Universitetet i Bergen.


11 December 2008, Marianne Lien. ‘The nature of salmon and the image of the wild: Performing nature in Norwegian salmon aquaculture’. Panelinnlegg i serien ‘Performing nature at the world’s ends’, ASA / ANZ/ AAS conference on Ownership and Appropriation, Auckland, New Zealand.

5 December 2008, Gro Ween, ’The nature of salmon’, Workshop i serien ‘Performing natures at the world’s ends’, University of Melbourne.

5 December 2008, Marianne Lien, ’How ’nature’ helps enacting salmon and the other way around,.  Workshopinnlegg i serien ‘Performing natures at the world’s ends’, University of Melbourne.

28 September 2008, Marianne Lien, ’Newcomers to the farm; Atlantic salmon between the farmed and the industrial‘, Instituttseminar og gjesteforelesning, Institutt for Antropologi, Københavns Universitet. 

22 August 2008, Marianne Lien, ’Dyr mellom natur og kultur’, Kultenk (kultrans) konferanse, Soria moria (i regi av UiO).

4 June 2008, Marianne Lien, ’Caring for salmon; performing Nature in Aquaculture’. Hammarøy scientific workshop: ‘Natures we care for’.

8 April 2008, Marianne Lien, ’Havbruksrevolusjonen; Mellom bærekraftig forbruk og økologisk katastrofe’, Tromsø, Havbrukskonferansen 2008. Read the paper here 

Media Output

24. September 2013. Fisk som husdyr. Presentatsjon på heldagsseminar: 'Sjømat må vi ha, på naturens premisser', spesielt tilrettelagt for videregående skoler. Forskningsdagene 2012. Littearturhuset, Oslo. (Arrangør : Norges Forskningsråd). 

23. August 2013. Hvor mye laks kan vi produsere?

April 2012, 'Når laksen blir husdyr' Apollon nr. 2/2012 s. 12-13.

27. april. 'Vil skape fred i lakseleirene' Intervju på

27. mars 2012 'Hva skal vi med oppdrettslaks'? Debattinnlegg Bergens Tidende

19 January 2011. Ingen er Annenrangs. Kronikk. Gro B. Ween og Marianne Lien. Aftenposten.

26th-27th June 2010, Gro B. Ween. Den kulturelle betydningen av laksefiske for sjøsamisk kultur.Sjøsamiske dager.

29 June2010 Gro B. Ween Betydningen av sjølaksefiske for sjøsamisk kultur. Sagat Avis

13 June 2009, Marianne Lien, Verdibørsen, NRK P2, Om oppdrettsnæring og bærekraft. 

26 March 2009, Marianne Lien, ’Hva er galt med oppdrettslaks?’ Debattinnlegg. Klassekampen.  

May 2008, Marianne Lien, ’Kulturperspektiv på oppdrettsfiskens historie’, Norsk Fiskeoppdrett (Intervju), S. 56-57. Nr. 5, årgang 33, Mai 2008. 

8 April 2008, Marianne Lien, Nordnytt. Innslag i nyhetssending i foribndelse med foredrag ved Havbruk 2008.

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