Past events:



 'Scales of Time and the Making of Matsutake and Salmon Worlds' - AAA panel

This is the title of a panel at the American Anthropological Association annual conference that brought together salmon and matsutake research groups, with the aim of exploring temporal scales in the making of these two rather different food products. Gro Ween presented the paper: 'Salmon Cycles: Death and Other Purposes', and Marianne Lien presented the paper: 'Multiplying Salmon; Temporalities of Hatchery Attachments'. Other presenters were Heather Swanson, Knut Nustad, Anna Tsing and Elaine Gan, Tim Choy, Michael Hathaway, Shiho Shatsuka and Lieba Faier,  AAA, San Francisco, November 18th 8-11:45 AM. For more information, see

'Becoming Sentient: Choreographies of Care in Salmon Farming'

Can fish feel pain? According to recent EU-legislation the answer is yes. Marianne Lien presented a paper at UC Santa Cruz about how salmon became sentient, and explored the choreographies of care across different sites of salmon aquaculture. The paper was part of the Colloguium series at the Department of Anthropology. UCSC, November 5th 3:30-5PM. For more information, see

'Beyond a One-World World': Inaugural Sawyer Seminar Public Lecture: John Law and Arturo Escobar

This even is part of the  2012-2013 John E. Sawyer Seminar on the Comparative Study of Cultures “Indigenous Cosmopolitics: Dialogues About the Reconstitution of Worlds”. The seminar convenes an interdisciplinary and international group of renowned scholars to discuss comparatively the innovative world-making possibilities that might emerge from the conceptual and political interrogation of the division between nature and culture that organizes modern life. UC Davis, October 29th 4-7 PM  For more information, see:

'Enacting Multiple Salmon: Conversation acrosss disciplinary practices'

This event at the University of California, Santa Cruz brought together different accounts of salmon, across the social and the natural sciences. Together with two natural scientists who work with Pacific Salmon in the US, Robin Waples from NOAA in Seattle, Rachel Barnett-Johnson from UC Santa Cruz, social scientists John Law and Marianne Lien reflected upon how 'their' salmon is constituted, first in describing their particular research on questions on wild and domestic salmon, then in a public conversation with the audience. A special focus was on the notion of the wild and its semi-.domesticated other: What is a wild salmon, and how is it different from a hatchery or indeed a farmed salmon? How can we contribute to an environment that accomodates and nurtures different kinds of samon? University of Santa Cruz, Science and Social Justice network, Thursday October 25th 2-4PM

'Destabilising Nature and the 'Anthropos': Workshop at the EASA, Paris

During our work with salmon we have become aware of the many ways in which the word 'nature' is put to work, metaphorically,  discursively and as a template through which we order our world.  This has implications for how we think about the human as well. Together with Simone Abram, we invite fellow anthropologists to attend to the challenges and openings that follow from destabilising a concept of Nature and the Anthropos, and to explore the interfaces between anthropology and science studies. The occasion is the biannual conference of the European Association of Social Anthropology, in Paris 11th-14th July 2012.  The invitation was well received, and we have a full and varied program. For more information, see

'Journeys with Salmon; Salmon Companions and their Others'

The final workshop in the Newcomers' project took place at Jeløya, south of Oslo, 27th-29th April 2012. The workshop was a writer's seminar for the project members, students and a few invited external participants.

'Kan vi leve sammen?'

'Can we live together?' This is the title of a seminar which took  place in Oslo, at Litteraturhuset, Wednesday March 28th 2012. The seminar addressed the different¨'worlds' inhabited by salmon - and their people - in rivers and on marine farms. By bringing together researchers and practitioners whose interests spans the wild and the domesticated, we sought to create a platform for the Norwegian debate. The event was supported by the Norwegian Research Council (Miljø 2015) and included brief presentations and a panel debate, all in Norwegian. (For more details, see the Norwegian website)

Materiality, performativity and ethnographies

This was the title of a PhD course and conference in Tromsø, 20th-22nd February 2012, organised by the University of Tromsø. Results from the Newcomers project were presented, under the following titles:   John Law: Notes on Fish, Ponds and Theory. Marianne Lien: Salmon as Companion Species? Reflections on domestication and human-animal relations. Gro Ween: Tanafjord stories. Reflections on forms of fluidity.  

'Når antropologer skriver natur' ('When anthropologists write nature')

As part of the Kultrans research seminars at the University of Oslo, Gro Ween took part in a dialogue entitled 'When anthropologists write nature' February 15th 2012 . The seminar was the first in a series of events that explores various ways of 'writing nature'. For more information, see

AqKva 2012

Marianne Lien presented results from the Newcomers project at an annual aquaculture conference, 19th January 2012  at the island Stord, in Norway. The conference attracted around 250 people from the industry, regulatory authorities, supplier firms and research.



ANThropology: Interfaces

This is the title of the panel convened by Marianne Lien and Gro Ween at the Norwegian Anthropological Association annual conference in Oslo, May 6th-8th 2011. The panel explored the interfaces between ANT (broadly conceived) and anthropology, and offered an arena for sharing experiences as well as scholarly debate.  The event reflects our experiences in collaboration within the Newcomers project, and represents an aim to reflect with a broader audience on the merits and challenges in engaging cross-disciplinary with ANT and STS. For more information, see



Beyond Peripheries

Marianne Lien participated in a twin symposium in Australia called 'Beyond Peripheries'  which took place in 2010 in Darwin, Northern Territory, October 26th-28th, and in Whyalla, South Australia, November 2nd-4th. In Whyalla, she gave a short presentation comparing aquaculture in Norway and Australia, focusing on economic development policy. For further details visit the web page of the Beyond Peripheries Symposium.

Following Commodities

John Law participated in a one-day symposium on Following Commodities at the Hawke Research Institute of the University of South Australia, which traced the movements of different commodities including wheat, fish, water, indigenous cultural festivals and aboriginal art. For further details visit the web page of Hawke Research Institute events

Sentient Creatures

'Newcomers to the Farm' co-funded the conference Sentient Creatures which took place near Oslo on the 16th and 17th September 2010. All project participants were involved in this event, John Law with a keynote entitled 'Fishy Companions?' Marianne Lien with a paper entitled 'Choreographies of Death', Gro Ween with a paper entitled 'Making fish talk, or how the Atlantic salmon finds its way home'.  Kristin Asdal and Marianne Lien were co-organisers, and collaborators on the Newcomers project participated in discussions. Please visit the web page for further details

Salmon Sentience and cross-species companions: Cross-disciplinary explorations

Following the 'Sentient Creatures' conference the Newcomers project group joined project collaborators Sunil Kadri and Børge Damsgaard for part in a 'post-conference workshop', including also Patricia Pellegrini (Paris) and Stephanie Lavau (Exeter).  The workshop explored possibilies for cross-disciplinary collaboration on the topic of salmon sentience and cross-species companionship, with the aim of producing a special issue. September 2010

Imagining Fish - Nature Assemblages Under Water 

'Newcomers to the farm' launched a panel entitled 'Imagining Fish - Nature Assemblages Under Water', at the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA) conference entitled Crisis and Imagination in Maynooth, 24th-29th August 2010. Marianne Lien and Gro Ween served as panel convenors, and Gro Ween contributed with a paper entitled 'Clever fish? Exploring ongoing conversation with salmon in Tana river Norway'. Please visit the web page for further details.

Indigenous Peoples and Salmon in the North Pacific

Marianne Lien served as invited discussant at a Seminar of Advanced Research in Santa Fe, May 16th-20th 2010 on the topic of Pacific Salmon and Indigeneity. The seminar gathered scholars from Kamchatka, Alaska, Canada, Germany and the US, with the aim of publishing and edited collection. Co-convenor Ben Colombi is a collaborator on the Newcomers Project. For more information, see

John Law in conversation with Donna Haraway: 'Natureculture'

John Law drew on the Newcomers project in conversation with Donna Haraway, a plenary event at  the Society for Cultural Anthropology conference entitled 'Natureculture' in Santa Fe, May 7th-11th 2010. For more information, see

Benefish - EU meeting

Marianne Lien took part at the 6th BENEFISH project meeting in Faro, Portugal 16th-18th November 2010. BENEFISH (Benefits and Costs of Fish Welfare) is an EU-funded project on salmon welfare, with an emphasis on the natural sciences, and directed by Sunil Kadri, collaborator on the Newcomers Project. Lien presented a paper entitled 'Marine Domestication, a social science approach'. For more information, see BENEFISH

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