Participants in Anthropos and the Material: Challenges to anthropology

From the University of Oslo

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Ingjerd Hoëm Professor +47-22856532 Identity, Polynesia, Rituals, Space/place, Cognitive anthropology, Linguistic anthropology, Tokelau/New Zealand, Pacific Ocean
Rune Flikke Associate Professor +47-22857571 +47-91163956 (mob) Medical Anthropology, Nature/culture, Religion, Rituals, South Africa
Paul Wenzel Geissler Professor +47-22857579 Anthropology of science, postcolonial science studies, Medical Anthropology, Social change, Historical anthropology, Temporality, Africa, Kenya, Tanzania
Signe Howell Professor emerita +47-22855620 Adoption, Biotechnology, Emotions, Fertility, Gifts/commodities, Religion, Rituals, Social organisation, Kinship, Gender, Ecological anthropology
Christian Krohn-Hansen Professor +47-22855716 power, nation and state, economic anthropology, globalisation, Carribean studies, The Dominican Republic
Marianne Elisabeth Lien Professor +47-22855733 Consumption, Food, Nature/culture, Material culture, Economic anthropology, The Nordic countries, Australia
Rane Willerslev
Anders Emil Rasmussen
Arne Aleksej Perminow Associate Professor +47-22859627 Tonga, Mobility and Migration, Polynesia, Rituals and Cosmology, Social anthropology, Material culture, Oceania, Ethnography, Nature and Society, Museology
Anne-Lise Middelthon Professor +47-22850591 Global South
Thomas Hylland Eriksen Professor +47-22844128 90050293 (mob) +47-90050293 Globalisation, Modernity, Culture, Identity, Norway, The Indian Ocean, Australia, Climate, Ethnicity, The Caribbean
Thorgeir Kolshus Associate professor +47 22854246 +47 99550231 (mob) Religion and power, development studies, anthropology of christianity
Knut Christian Myhre Researcher +47-22845975 +4745873006 Social Anthropology, Ethnography, Norway, Tanzania, Anthropology of Finance, Anthropology of Ethics, Material Culture, Rituals and Cosmology
Kjersti Larsen Professor +47-22859968 Indian Ocean, Northern Sudan, Religion, Rituals and Cosmology, Islam, Identity, Ethnography, Performativity, Mobility and Migration, Gender, Social Anthropology
Peter Bjerregaard Senior Adviser +47-22845779 Exhibitions, Material Culture, Social anthropology, Visual Culture, Museology, Anthropology of Art, Design
Knut Gunnar Nustad Head of Department +47-22858431 Politics, Ecological anthropology, Power, South Africa, Nation and state
Jon Henrik Ziegler Remme Associate professor +47-22854042 91155660 (mob) Religion, Rituals, Christianity, Animism, Southeast Asia, Kinship, Social organisation, Philosophy, Ontology, Taboos, Personhood, Symbols
Harold Langford Wilhite Professor Emeritus 22 85 89 24 924 05 980 (mob) Consumption and Wellbeing, Global South, India, Energy and Climate
Henrik Sinding-Larsen +47-22180199 Globalisation, Norway, Theory of science, Environment, Cultural concepts
Heidi Fjeld Associate Professor +47-22850603 Global South, India
Theresia Hofer
Benedikte Victoria Lindskog Associate Professor +47-22850596 Global South