Elisabeth Schober receives FRIPRO-funds

Associate Professor Elisabeth Schober has been granted FRIPRO-funding from the Norwegian Research Council as a Young Research Talent.

The commitee for projects in humanities and social science (FRIHUMSAM) has allocated 249 million NOK to 31 research projects and 2,7 million NOK to 17 events.

Schober is one of eleven research talents that has received funding for her project about how globalisation affects labour, focusing on the maritime industries.

Schober will be studying container ships, through the whole life cycle of shipbuilding, shipping and ship-breaking. A holistic approach taken towards container ships will show up important social, political and economic relations that enlighten how global capitalism uses labour today. Container ships are a rather exceptional object in the sense that they are things that also transport other things: they are both a commodity in themselves, which can be studied as one global value chain among many, and they are the actual vessels that, through their capacity to transport goods, enable the emergence of numerous other commodity chains.

The primary objective of the project is to shed new light on the globe-spanning life cycle of container vessels, and on the workers that are involved in making, maintaining, and breaking these ships. By uniting three ethnographic sub-projects - one focusing on shipbuilding, one on shipping, and one on ship-breaking - the project will reconfigure the social scientific study of this icon of globalization.

Another objective is to play a role in larger societal conversations about maritime industries and the challenges that workers in them face in our globalized world today.



An open, national competitive arena that covers all fields of research. It aims to promote scientific quality at the forefront of international research, boldness in scientific thinking and innovation, careers for young research talents and mobility for researchers early in their career.

FRIPRO is an open competitive arena for all research areas and disciplines, where there are no thematic guidelines and no requirements relating to the applicability or immediate utility of the Research.

The competition in FRIPRO is tough, and only the best researchers with particularly good projects and very well-written proposals have a chance at succeeding.

Source: Research Council of Norway


Published Dec. 1, 2017 12:43 PM - Last modified Apr. 18, 2018 10:13 AM