Elisabeth A. Davis: "The Time of the Cannibals: On Conspiracy and Context"

Departmental Seminar Series features Elisabeth A. Davis, Associate Professor of Anthropology at Princeton University.

The seminar is followed by informal gathering, at which refreshments are served. All are welcome!

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Research Profile

Elizabeth A. Davis is Associate Professor of Anthropology at Princeton University. Her research and writing, grounded in the European horizons and the Ottoman history of the Greek-speaking world, focus on the intersections of psyche, body, history, and power. Her particular interest is in how the ties that bind people to communities and states are yielded and inflected by knowledge: that is, how expert and subaltern epistemologies mediate conceptions of self and others. 

Her first book, “Bad Souls: Madness and Responsibility in Modern Greece” (Duke University Press, 2012), is an ethnographic study of responsibility among psychiatric patients and their caregivers in the “multicultural” borderland between Greece and Turkey. She is presently completing two books (forthcoming from Duke University Press) based on her long-term ethnographic and archival research in Cyprus: “Artifactual: Forensic and Documentary Sense in Cyprus”, addressing public secrecy and knowledge projects about the violence of the 1960s-70s that led to the enduring division of the island, including forensic investigations and visual archives; and “The Time of the Cannibals: On Conspiracy and Context”, addressing “conspiracy theory” and presidential power in Cyprus, the United States, and other locales. Further information.

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