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Disputation: Gudrun Rudningen

Master in Visual Anthropology Gudrun Rudningen at the Department of Social Anthropology will be defending her thesis: Never-ending Now: Practices of News Work in Digital Transition

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Digital Public Defence

In order to attend this public defence you can download zoom or use your browser. Please also familiarise yourself with information for anyone who wishes to attend a digital defence

Ex auditorio-questions: The chair of defence will invite anyone who wishes to serve as an ex auditorio to do so by writing in the chat during the intermission. The question can be written in the chat or give a signal by clicking on "Raise hand" and the technician will let you in. 

Join the public defence the 31st of January at 12.15


Trial lecture

Title: ”The anthropology of technology seen through the strategy of digital first at Nationen.”

Adjudication Committee

Chair of Defence

Professor Nefissa Naguib, Department of Social Anthropology, University of Oslo


About the thesis



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