Theological politics: Debate, critique, and state power

Workshop on "Theological Politics" co-hosted by Naomi Haynes (University of Edinburgh) and Matt Tomlinson (SAI).

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New Jerusalem in Aitutaki Cook Island 1996

Participants have been asked to write papers exploring the dynamics of “theological politics.”  By this term, we are referring both to “the politics of theology”— that is, politics within and among theological traditions — and “the theology of politics”, or encounters between these various traditions and state or local governments, which may or may not be secular. 

October 17th (9.00-16.00): Michael W Scott (London School of Economics); Naomi Haynes (University of Edinburgh); Tom Bratrud (University of Southeastern Norway); Priscilla Garcia (Cambridge)

October 18th (9.00-12.00): Matt Tomlinson (SAI), Emma Teale (University of Edinburgh)

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