Latin America Literature Seminar

This is a new initiative for a reading group for exchange across Masters, PhD's, Postdocs, Associate Professors and Professors working in Latin America.

The event will take place once a month.


The texts for the first session are:


Escobar, Arturo. 2007: Worlds and Knowledges Otherwise. Cultural Studies. Vol 21 (2-3). Pages 179-210.

Rivera Cusicanqui, Silvia. Ch’ixinakax utxiwa: A Reflection on the Practices and Discourses of Decolonization.

Grosfoguel, Ramón. 2011. Decolonizing Post-Colonial Studies and Paradigms of Political-Economy: Transmodernity,Decolonial Thinking, and Global Coloniality


In Spanish:

Escobar, Arturo. 2003. “Mundos y conocimientos de otro modo”: el programa de investigación de modernidad/colonialidad Latinoamericano

Rivera Cusicanqui, Silvia. 2006. Chhixinakax utxiwa. Una reflexión sobre prácticas y discursos descolonizadores”. En: Mario Yupi (comp.). Modernidad y pensamiento descolonizador. Memoria del Seminario Internacional. pp. 3-16. La Paz: U-PIEB – IFEA.

Es un capítulo del libro.


A twenty minutes presentation of all the articles will be followed by a plenary discussion in English.




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