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Capitalism: resources, hierarchies, value(s)

The research at the Department of Social Anthropology comprises several subjects. Many of our researchers are interested in related topics and we have currently three research groups. 

The group works anthropologically on a challenging, broad problematic which we call “Capitalism: resources, hierarchies, value(s)”. The participants in the group work on the conceptualization and understanding of contemporary global capitalism with its labour forms and labour issues.

Our group focuses on the formations and processes of labour, paying attention to new realities of precarity, migration, exploitation, displacement, technology, and interaction with the environment.

The group draws on the work that many of its core members already have done together through activities in the Labour Reading Group. Five of the members have, together with five anthropologists based in England, Spain and the US, produced the edited collection “Dislocating Labour: Anthropological Reconfigurations”, which appears as the JRAI’s special issue in 2018.

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