Tom Bratrud

Senior lecturer
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Academic Interests

Topics: Social organisation, cosmology, continuity and change, religion (Christianity), politics of land, climate change, morality, values, fear, hope.

Regional interests: Melanesia, Oceania, the Nordic countries.


Higher education and employment history


  • PhD in Social Anthropology, University of Oslo, 2018
  • Master of Arts in Social Anthropology, University of Oslo, 2011
  • Bachelors degree in Culture and Social Science, University of Oslo, 2009
  • University of Cape Town, 2008


  • Student adviser, Kulturstudier (Culture Studies), 2012-2013
  • Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service, 2012
  • Seminar leader in the course "Religion and Power", Kulturstudier (Culture Studies, India), 2011



Bergen Pacific Studies Research Group


Bratrud, Tom. 2018. The Salvesen Ami Dance: Custom, Christianity and Cultural Creativity in South Malekula. Kon-Tiki Museum Occasional Papers no.15. Oslo: The Kon-Tiki Museum. ISBN: 978-82-92967-18-8/ISSN: 0802-6491.

Bratrud, Tom. 2018. Fire on the Island: The Transformative Power of a Christian Revival in Vanuatu. PhD thesis. University of Oslo

Bratrud, Tom. 2017. "Spiritual War: Revival, Child Prophecies, and a Battle over Sorcery in Vanuatu." In K.M. Rio, M. MacCarthy & R. Blanes (eds). Pentecostalism and Witchcraft: Spiritual Warfare in Africa and Melanesia. New York: Palgrave MacMillan (Available as Open Access)

Bratrud, Tom. 2014. Review of Foodways and Empathy: Relatedness in a Ramu River Society, Papua New Guinea, in Anthropos 109 (2): 733-734

F. Sam, T. Sam, H. Peter, G. Thomas, M. Tom, T. Bratrud (eds). 2014. Some Stories and Songs from Ahamb Island. In Ahamb Language and Bislama. Port Vila: Vanuatu Cultural Centre

Bratrud, Tom. 2013. "Bisnis, Risriskure, Sociality: Melanesian Egality and Monetary Modernity on Ahamb, Vanuatu", in Norwegian Anthropological Journal, (24) 2:100-111. Available online:

Bratrud, Tom. 2012. "Social and Cultural Aspects of Climate Change and other Environmental Hazards: Experiences from Ahamb Island, South Malakula, Vanuatu". Report for Vanuatu Cultural Centre and Vanuatu Department of Meteorology.

Bratrud, Tom. 2012. "Forhandlinger om livsbetingelser". Masterbloggen.

Bratrud, Tom. 2011. ”Bisnis” og sosialitet - Utfordringer og løsninger i møter med en 'global modernitet' på Ahamb, Vanuatu", in Betwixt & Between (ISBN 978-82-90835-37-3): 85-102.

Bratrud, Tom. 2011. Finding Ways: Community and its Challenges on Ahamb Vanuatu. Unpublished masters thesis, University of Oslo

Conference papers:

2018. “From Land Disputes to Revival: Reassessing Gendered and Generational Values in Vanuatu". European Society for Oceanists (ESFO) conference. For the panel Ascriptions of Dependence in Contemporary Oceania. Cambridge University, UK.

2018. “Land Grabs, Inequality, Relationships: The Place of Gendered and Generational Values in Vanuatu” For the workshop Dependence, Gender and Kinship. University of Oslo, Norway

2016. "The Revival. Hopes for a new course in turbulent times on a Christian Melanesian Island. For the workshop: Momentums: Histories, Localities and Futures in the Anthropology of Ruptures and hope. Christian Michelsen Institute/Universitetet i Oslo

2016. "Crisis, Problems, Prevention and Solutions. Some Pespectives from a Melanesian Island". Norwegian Anthropological Association (NAF) conference. For the panel: Crisis, Resilience, Comparison and History. Knowledge from the Outskirts. Oslo, Norway

2016. "The Holy Spirit, Visionary Children and an Attempt to Change Direction in a Turbulent Time in Vanuatu, Melanesia". Norwegian Anthropological Association (NAF) conference. For the panel: Christianity in a time of Crisis. Oslo, Norway

2015 "God or friends? The risks of choosing 'wrong' on a Melanesian Island". For the workshop: The Ambiguities of rituals: Re-thinking the ‘Problem of Rituals’. University of Oslo

2015 "Fire on the Island. The Holy Spirit, Sorcerers, and the Transformative Power of a Christian Revival in Vanuatu". Department of Social Anthropology, University of Bergen.

2015. "Creating a Christian Island.  Some points on the history of conversion on Ahamb Island, Vanuatu". European Society for Oceanists (ESFO) conference. For the panel: Encounters, identities and objects. Missionisation in the Pacific. Brussels, Belgium.

2015. "Some reflections on what I think matters in anthropology today. People, ethnography before theory, and the value of anthropology in learning about the human condition". For the workshop Anthropologies in the making, Solli Norway.

2015. "Relational Egalitarianism. The dynamic relationship between Hierarchy and Egalitarianism, Individualism and Relationships on Ahamb, Vanuatu".
Association for Social Anthropology in Oceania (ASAO)  conference .For the panel: Hierarchy and Egalitarianism in Austronesia/Oceania. Santa Fe, USA.

2015. "Love or Land? Dilemmas in values for living on a Vanuatu island". Association for Social Anthropology in Oceania (ASAO) conference. For the panel: Value - Objects, Relations, and Emotions. Santa Fe, USA.

2011. “'I am born on this island and I will die on this island”. Responses to a Tsunami Warning on Ahamb Island, Vanuatu”.
Norwegian Anthropological Association (NAF) conference. For the panel: Risk and Decisions in Global Technocracies and Local Everyday Lives. Oslo, Norway.


  • Bratrud, Tom (2017). Spiritual War: Revival, Child Prophesies, and a Battle Over Sorcery in Vanuatu, In Knut Rio; Michelle MacCarthy & Ruy Llera Blanes (ed.),  Pentecostalism and Witchcraft: Spiritual Warfare in Africa and Melanesia.  Palgrave Macmillan.  ISBN 978-3-319-56068-7.  Chapter 8.  s 211 - 233 Full text in Research Archive. Show summary
  • Bratrud, Tom (2013). Bisnis, risriskure, sosialitet - Melanesisk egalitet og pengebasert modernitet på Ahamb, Vanuatu. Norsk Antropologisk Tidsskrift.  ISSN 0802-7285.  24(2), s 100- 111

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  • Bratrud, Tom (2018). The Salvesen Ami Dance: Custom, Christianity and Cultural Creativity in South Malekula, Vanuatu. Kon-Tiki Museum. Occasional Papers.  ISBN 978-82-92967-18-8.  111 s.
  • Gjøstein, Dagrun Kyte; Knutsen, Lene Vea; Bratrud, Tom; Christensen, Elise; Bardalen, Ingunn; Thorbjørnsen, Vilde Fastvold; Torbjørnsen, Betina & Resset, Heidi (2011). Betwixt & Between 2011. Betwixt & Between, Sosialantropologisk institutt.  ISBN 978-82-90835-37-3.  153 s.

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  • Bratrud, Tom (2018, 05. mars). Born blei kristna for å redde stillehavsøy frå moralsk krise. [Internett].
  • Bratrud, Tom (2018, 08. april). Cargo-kultene i Stillehavet. [Radio].
  • Bratrud, Tom (2018, 27. mars). Disputerte med guddommeliggjorte barn.  Avisa Valdres.
  • Bratrud, Tom (2018). Fire on the Island: The Transformative Power of a Christian Revival in Vanuatu.
  • Bratrud, Tom (2018, 05. november). Hva er en hvit elefant?. [Radio].  NRK Østlandssendingen.
  • Bratrud, Tom (2018, 03. april). Når en vekkelse tar et samfunn. [Radio].  NRK P2. Program: Ekko.
  • Bratrud, Tom (2018, 15. april). The Prince Phillip Movement. [Radio].  NRK P1. Mellom himmel og jord.
  • Bratrud, Tom (2015, 20. november). Black Friday. [TV].  NRK, Østlandssendingen.
  • Bratrud, Tom (2015, 23. mai). Dette bør du ikke gi til jul. [Internett].  NRK Nordland.
  • Bratrud, Tom (2015, 20. desember). Gaver - limet som holder oss sammen. [Radio].  NRK P2, Ytring.
  • Bratrud, Tom (2015, 20. desember). Julegaver betyr mye for oss. [Internett].  NRK Ytring.
  • Bratrud, Tom (2015, 30. november). Stedstilhørighet og flytting by-land. [Radio].  NRK, Østlandssendingen.
  • Bratrud, Tom (2014). Review of Foodways and Empathy. Relatedness in a Ramu River Society, Papua New Guinea. Anthropos: Internationale Zeitschrift für Völker- und Sprachenkunde.  ISSN 0257-9774.

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