Simone Almond Abram

Simone Abram is a co-investigator with Marianne Lien on the project MATKIN from 2016 to 2020. 


Simone Abram has worked on questions of democracy, temporality and travel, with fieldwork in the UK, France and Scandinavia, particularly Norway, where she has written about local governance and bureaucracy, and about Norwegian hytter.  In recent years she has taken up the study of energy, recently co-editing a special issue of Current Anthropology on 'Our Lives with Electric Things'. She is currently Professor in the Anthropology Department at Durham University and is Co-Director of the Durham Energy Institute. She is co-convenor of the EASA Energy Anthropology Network and a member of the EASA Futures Network. She has been Secretary of the ASA (UK) and member of the Council of the RAI. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

selected publications:


Abram, S. and K. Lund (Eds). (2016) Green Ice: Tourism ecologies in the European High North.Basingstoke: Palgrave Pivot.

Pink, S. and S. Abram (Eds.) (2015) Media, Engagement And Anthropological Practice: Contemporary Public Scholarship.Oxford: Berghahn.

Abram S. and G. Weszkalnys (Eds.) (2013) Elusive Promises: Planning in the Contemporary world. Oxford:Berghahn. 

Abram, S. (2011). Culture and Planning. Aldershot: Ashgate

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Abram, S., J. Waldren & D.V.L. Macleod (Eds). (1997). Tourists and tourism: identifying with people and places. Oxford: Berg.

recent articles and book chapters:

Hanmer, C. and S. Abram 2017. UK Gas Central heating as a Rapid Socio-Technical Transition. Energy Research and Social Science34(December): 176-183.

Abram, S. 2017. Contradiction in contemporary political life. JRAI special issue 'Meetings: Ethnographies of organizational process, bureaucracy and assembly'. Edited by: Hannah Brown, Adam Reed and Thomas Yarrow 23(S1): 27-44.

Abram, S. 2017. Likhet is not Equality: Discussing Norway in English and Norwegian. In Bendixsen, Bringslid and Vike (Eds). De-Naturalising Egalitarianism in the nordic Countries: Historical and Anthropological Perspectives. Aldershot: Palgrave. 

S. Abram (forthcoming). Inheriting kinship: Norwegian holiday property as relational practice. In Lars Ivar Hansen, Marianne Holdgaard and Bodil Selmer (Eds) Space of Action and Legal strategies: The workings of Nordic Inheritance Law through the Ages

Abram, S. and S. Blandy. (in press) Ownership and belonging in urban green space. In Ting Xu (Ed) Legal Strategies for the Development and Protection of Communal PropertyLondon: British Academy

Abram, S 2017. Contemporary Obsessions with Time and the Promise of the Future. In Salazar, Irving, Sjöberg and Pink (Eds) Anthropologies and Futures: Researching emerging and uncertain worlds. Bloomsbury Press. 

Abram, S. 2017. Learning To Meet or How to Talk to Chairs. In J. Sandler and R. Thredvall, R Meeting Ethnography: Meetings as key technologies of contemporary governance, development and resistance. NY: Routledge. 46-68.

Deboulet, A. and S. Abram (2017) Are Social Mix and Participation Compatible? Conflicts and Claims in Urban Renewal in France and England. In P. Watt and P. Smets (Eds) Urban Renewal and Social Housing: A cross-national perspective. Emerald Books. 191- 240.

S. Abram 2017. Im/mobile method/ologies. In Elliot, A., Norum, R. and Salazar, N. Fielding (Eds.) Challenging the field: New approaches to mobile research methods and methodologies. Oxford: Berghahn.195-200.

Abram, S and R. Norum (2016). ‘An Archaeology of Arctic Travel Journalism.’ Studies in Travel Writing.20(3):272-284.

Abram, S. and K. Lund. 2016 (2016) ‘Green Ice’. In S. Abram and K. Lund (Eds) Tourism ecologies in the European High North. Basingstoke: Palgrave Pivot. 1-24.

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Abram, S. and S. Pink. 2015. ‘Mediating Publics and Anthropology’ in S. Pink and S. Abram (Eds) Media, Engagement And Anthropological Practice: Contemporary Public Scholarship.Oxford: Berghahn.1-22.

Abram, S. 2014. ‘Values of property: Capitalisation of kinship in Norway’.Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change. 12(3):1-14.

Abram, S. 2014. ‘The Time it Takes: Temporalities of planning’. In L. Bear (Ed.) Doubt, Conflict and Mediation: The anthropology of modern time. JRAI 20(S1): 129-147.

Abram, S. 2014. ‘”Bias Binding”: Re-calling creativity in research’. In Hockey, James and Smart (Eds) The Craft of Knowledge: Experiences of Living with Data. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. 21-38.

Abram, S. 2012. ‘The ‘Normal’ Cabin’s revenge: Building Norwegian (Holiday) Home-Cultures. Home Cultures. 9(3) 233-256. 

Ween, G. B. and S Abram. 2012. The Norwegian Trekking Association: Trekking as constituting the Nation. Journal of Landscape Research.37(2):155-171.

Abram, S. and M. E. Lien 2011. ‘Performing Nature at World’s Ends’. Ethnos Journal of Anthropology, 76 (1) 3-18. 

Abram, S and G. Weszkalnys. 2011. ‘Anthropologies of Planning: Temporality, Imagination and Ethnography’. Focaal 61. 3-18.


  • Lien, Marianne Elisabeth & Abram, Simone Almond (2018). Hvem skal arve hytta? Slektskapsprosesser, familierelasjoner og «avslekting». Norsk Antropologisk Tidsskrift.  ISSN 0802-7285.  29(1-2), s 26- 41 . doi: Show summary
  • Lien, Marianne Elisabeth & Abram, Simone Almond (2018). Hvem skal arve hytta? Slektsprosesser, familierelasjoner og 'arvslekting'.. Norsk Antropologisk Tidsskrift.  ISSN 0802-7285.  29(1-2), s 26- 41 . doi: Show summary

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  • Lien, Marianne Elisabeth & Abram, Simone Almond (2019). Hytta:Fire vegger rundt en drøm. Kagge Forlag AS.  ISBN 978-82-489-2328-2.  205 s. Show summary

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  • Abram, Simone Almond (2019). energy systems, energy practices.

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