Harald Beyer Broch

Professor emeritus

Broch has conducted fieldwork in Canada, Indonesia and Norway. He is presently working on material collected during a 15 month long fieldwork among fishermen along the cost of Norway's Nordland region. Research topics are: What creates sustainable local communities based on the fisheries, recruitment to the profession of fishing, the fishing boat ("sjark") as a workplace, and attitudes towards and use of natural resources.

Broch also hopes to conclude the analysis of a material about children and sports activities, specifically handball, and is planning a few articles on hunt, fishing and attitudes towards nature and management of natural resources.

Research interests

Thematic: Ecology, psychological anthropology(symbols/rituals,life span,cross cultural socialisation studies, symbolic analysis, sex-roles) interpretation of myths and tales, sports(teaching,gender,symbolics).
Regional: Local society, Indonesia, North America, Scandinavia, Norway -–Southeast Asia.

Tags: Nature/culture, Psychological anthropology, Coastal culture, Ecological culture, Emotions


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