Maria A. Guzman-Gallegos

Postdoctoral Fellow
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Phone +47-22854042
Room 630
Visiting address Moltke Moes vei 31 Eilert Sundts hus 0851 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1091 Blindern 0317 OSLO

Academic interests

Environmental Anthropology, Nature/Culture, Social movements, indigenous Peoples, Indigeinity, state, Personhood, Gender, Contamination, Kinship, Human-non human relations

Regional: Ecuador, Peru, Amazonian Region, Latin America, Norway


Ph.D in Social  Anthropology, University of Oslo, 2010 Post.doc, Dept. of Social Anthropology, University of Oslo, 2015- Senior Adviser at Rainforest Foundation Norway, 2007-2016 Researcher, Fafo, 2013-2014 Research Fellow, SIFO, 1998-2000


María A. Guzmán-Gallegos has focused her research around questions regarding personhood and sociality,  humans and the environment and new forms of political organization and global articulations. In the research that led to her Mag. Art dissertation she looks at gardening, hunting and fishing practices in Ecuadorian Amazonian,  and examines how natural objects (such as plants and game) enter into the constitution of gendered persons and bodies, and how the circulation of these objects (transformed into food) are considered central in the making of social relations. In her Ph.D she analyzes, on the one hand, indigenous  perceptions on and practices related to humans- non-human relationships (natural world’s objects and the spiritual world); on the other hand, she examines how forests in the Ecuadorian are reconstituted as part of further integration into administrative structures and globalized extractive economies. She looks also at indigenous responses to these processes by looking at indigenous leadership, political mobilization and transnational articulations with non-governmental organizations. Currently she is participating in a project funded by the Norwegian Research Council that focuses on extractive industries, socio-environmental conflicts and indigenous collective rights, and looks especially into practices and outcomes of prior consultation processes in relation to big scale extractive (oil, gas, mining) interventions in four countries (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru). Her research component focuses on ongoing processes of compensation and consultation in Northern Loreto in the Peruvian Amazonia, where local communities demand to be compensated for the environmental effects of oil extraction activities.

She has done fieldwork in Ecuador, Peru and Norway.

Research Projects

NMBU led project "Extracting Justice: Exploring the role of FPIC and consultation, and compensation related to socio-environmental conflicts in Latin America"

Post.doc project

In her post.doc project "Changing Bodies in Toxic Landscapes: Environmental degradation and intersecting knowledges in the Ecuadorian and Peruvian Amazonia", Guzmán-Gallegos seeks to explore the intersections of personhood, environmental change and degradation, economic relations and state formation in Southern Ecuadorian and Northern Peruvian Amazonia.  She looks at  local perceptions and experiences of contamination due to extractive activities, at daily coping strategies, and at political articulations in Northern Peruvian Amazonia and in Southern Ecuadorian Amazonia.

Tags: Latin America, Environmental Anthropology, Nature/Culture, Social movements, indigenous Peoples, Indigeinity, state, Personhood, Gender, Contamination, Kinship, Human-non human relations


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Other publications and Reviews

2010: “Conflicting Spatialities: Networks, Mediation and Alterity in the Making of Indigenous Territories in Ecuadorian Amazonia”, Phd dissertation, UNIPUB, University of Oslo

1993:  Runa Tunu Man, Abya Yala, Quito

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Guzmán-Gallegos M. og Kjærnes U. 1998  ”Mennesker og Dyr”, en kvalitativ studie av holdninger til kjøtt, Arbeidsrapport nr. 6, SIFO


2014: Anonymus Reviewer: Anthropologica

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2014: Anonymus Reviewer: American Ethnologist

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2005: Book Review “Crude Chronicles, Indigenous politics, multinational oil and neoliberalism in Ecuador”. European Review Of Latin American and Caribbean Studies 2005;79:141-143

Popular publications

2012: Guzmán-Gallegos, M. & Santacruz C. 2012, “Ecuador”, i Latin-Amerikanske løsninger, LAG og Solidaritetsforlaget

2011: Olsen, V., Guzmán-Gallegos, M & Barragán, L. “Rights and REDD in Amazonian countries and Paraguay, Rainforest Foundation-CEPLAES

2009: NorLArnet: “Elections in Ecuador”

2009: Debatt: Texaco-Chevron i Ecuador: miljømessige og menneskelige konsekvenser, Dokumentarfilm festival

2008: Article: Det kjente møtet med oss selv: NRKs reality serie “Den store reisen” i Folkevett

2008: Achuar indianerne og oljeutvinning i Nytt fra Regnskogen

1991 : Guzmán, María & Esben Leifsen: Ecuador: kolonisering og indiansk motstand in LAG/Regnskogsfondet (red.) Hva skjer med regnskogen? Oslo: LAG/Regnskogsfondet

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