Franziska Klaas

Doctoral Research Fellow - Department of Social Anthropology
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Room 718
Visiting address Gullhaug torg 1 0484 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1091 Blindern 0317 Oslo
Other affiliations Faculty of Social Sciences (Student) Bilagslønnede


I hold a Bachelor in Cultural Anthropology and Islamic Studies (2013, Georg-August University of Göttingen) and a Master in Transcultural Studies (2016, University of Bremen). My Master Thesis explored competing waste and recycling infrastructures in Istanbul with a focus on power relations and ‘social struggles’. Before joining  the AnthroTox Project I was holding a pre-doc scholarship at the University of Bremen (Germany).



Doctoral Research Fellow participating in the AnthroTox

"Persistent Organic Pollutions in motion" (working title)

In my project, I explore the life of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in their residual capacity. Persistent Organic Pollutants, a group of chemicals regulated under the Stockholm Convention, are toxic, have the potential for long-range transport, persist in the environment, and share an ability to bio-accumulate/bio-magnify in food chains as well as in living beings. In my attempt to understand POPs in their multiplicity, I explore POPs in science, policy-making, and waste management (incineration) as three realms in which experts attempt to know and handle POPs. I set the pollutants as central in my exploration and try to think from and with them through the respective areas, focusing on emerging more-than-human relations and connecting Tanzania, Norway, and the in-between.



Academic Interests:

postcolonial and feminist science studies, anthropology of toxicity and the environment, bureaucracy, policy and regulation, multi species anthropology, waste, recycling and incineration, affect theory and posthuman theory, queer and feminist theory



Tags: Anthropology of Toxicity, Persistent Organic Pollutants, Environmental Anthropology, Regulation, Science and Technology Studies


Klaas, Franziska (2018): Der gute Müll: Recycling  als  Umwelt_Für_Sorge?  In: B. Binder, C. Bischoff, C. Endter, S. Hess & S. Kienitz (eds.), Care: Praktiken und Politiken der Fürsorge: Ethnographische und geschlechtertheoretische Perspektiven. (1st edition). Leverkusen: Verlag Barbara Budrich

Klaas, Franziska & Zeineddine, Souad (2018): Differenzmaschine Kapitalismus. In: Kritisch-Lesen, 46:

Phillimore, Jenny; Humphris, Rachel; Klaas, Franziska; Knecht, Michi (2016): Bricolage: Potential as a conceptual tool for understandig access to welfare in superdiverse neighbouhoods. IriS Working Paper Series, No.14

Klaas, Franziska & Lange Bernhard (2011): Virtueller K@ffee In: Kulturen- Feldforschung@Cyberspace, 5(2): 10-26




  • Klaas, Franziska & Nyabise, Nelson (2021). Incinerating hazardous waste for the public good. Anthropology Today. ISSN 0268-540X. doi: 10.1111/1467-8322.12665.

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