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Picture of Jon Rasmus Nyquist Nyquist, Jon Rasmus Senior Lecturer
Picture of Giorgos Poulimenakos Poulimenakos, Giorgos Doctoral Research Fellow +306946566696 Political Anthropology, Economic anthropology, Infrastructure, Globalisation, State, Violence
Picture of Theodoros Rakopoulos Rakopoulos, Theodoros Associate Professor +47 22855875 +47 93026562, 228555875 Economic Anthropology, cooperatives, mafia/antimafia, labour, solidarity, food, activism, silence/talk, egalitarianism, austerity, personhood
Picture of Magnus Olav Nyaas Ravnå Ravnå, Magnus Olav Nyaas Executive Officer 90823937 administration, Communication, Web publishing
Picture of Jon Henrik Ziegler Remme Remme, Jon Henrik Ziegler Associate professor +47-22854042 Religion, Rituals, Christianity, Animism, Southeast Asia, Kinship, Social organisation, Philosophy, Ontology, Taboos, Personhood, Symbols
Picture of Gudrun Rudningen Rudningen , Gudrun PhD candidate 90889793 Labour, Material culture, Technology
Picture of Cecilia G. Salinas Salinas , Cecilia G. Postdoctoral fellow Politics, Diversity, Indigenous peoples, Resource management, Climate change, Latin America, Uruguay and Argentina
Picture of Arnd Schneider Schneider, Arnd Professor +47 22857625 Anthropology of art, Material culture, Migration, Visual Anthropology, Latin America, Sicily
Picture of Elisabeth Schober Schober, Elisabeth Associate Professor +47 22855396 Economic anthropology, Labour, Gender, Asia, South Korea, Philippines
Picture of Elizabeth Anne Sibilia Sibilia, Elizabeth Anne Postdoctoral Fellow Maritime Anthropology, toxic waste, Geography, Uneven development, Labour
Picture of Henrik Sinding-Larsen Sinding-Larsen, Henrik Researcher +47-22180199 Cultural concepts, Globalisation, Environment, Theory of science, Norway
Picture of Mette Kristin Stenberg Stenberg, Mette Kristin Higher Executive Officer front desk, syllabus, letter of confirmation, procurements, work duty account
Picture of Halvor Hyttel Storrusten Storrusten, Halvor Hyttel PhD candidate Globalization, Personhood, Disability
Suarez, Maka Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Jacinta Victoria Syombua Muinde Syombua Muinde, Jacinta Victoria Researcher +47 22856526 Medical Anthropology, Economic Anthropology, State and Citizenship, Development, Humanitarianism, Kinship, Gender, Welfare, Global and Public Health, Epidemics, Moral and Political Economy; Kenya, East Africa
Picture of Arve Sørum Sørum, Arve Rituals, Cosmology, Indonesia, Melanesia, Kinship, Indigenous peoples, Human ecology
Picture of Liv Christina Varen Varen, Liv Christina Adviser +47 22854311
Picture of Ståle Wig Wig, Ståle Postdoctoral Fellow +47-90523201 Development, Ethics, Economic anthropology, State, Money, Africa, Lesotho, Cuba
Picture of Unni WIkan WIkan, Unni Professor emeritus - Department of Social Anthropology +47-22855729 identity, Gender, Integration, Human rights, Middle East, The Nordic countries, Indonesia