Election of Head of Department and Deputy Head of Department at SAI

The election of Head of Department and Deputy Head of Department at SAI for the period 2023-2026 takes place this autumn.

Election Committee

The main task for the Election Committee is to find suitable candidates for the roles of Head of Department and Deputy Head of the Department. During spring 2022 the Election Committee will make known to the voters the job description for the position for Head of Department, and ensure that there are proposals for candidates. The Committee will furthermore ensure to present the candidates to the voters prior to the election.

The Election

The election will be held electronically if there are more than one proposal for candidates. If there is only one proposal for candidates, a simplified election will be held. The Executive Board at SAI will then pass, or not pass, the proposal based on a simple majority at a Board meeting.

The Election Committee

Professor Ingjerd Hoëm (leader)

Professor Keir Martin

Adviser Hilde Spjelkavik Kveseth

Student Magnus Johnsen Frivoll

Electoral Board

The Electoral Board will announce a schedule for the election and ensure that the election is held according to the election regulations. The Electoral Board produces a protocol with the election results and is responsible for the announcement of the result. In this election SAI will use the Faculty's Electoral Board.


Election regulations for the University of Oslo (in Norwegian)

Regulations for the appointment and election of Heads of Faculties and Departments (in Norwegian)

Administrative regulations for the Department of Social Anthropology (in Norwegian)

Election of Executive Board at SAI

A new Executive Board for the period 2023-2026 is to be elected in October-November 2022. More information will follow.

Published Apr. 20, 2022 3:30 PM - Last modified Apr. 21, 2022 9:53 AM