Marianne Lien and Keir Martin recieves funding from RCN

Projects from the Department of Social Anthropology on technology in everyday life and the middle class engagement with psychotherapy, has recieved grants from the Norwegian Research Council.

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The project "Private Lives: Embedding Sociality at Digital 'Kitchen-tables'" is a result of Nordisk Laboratorium - a collaboration between Tuva B. Broch, Tone Høgblad, Tom Bratrud, Jonas Kure Buer, Nefissa Naguib og Marianne Lien. The aim of the project is to grasp foundational dimensions of social and cultural life when digital technology plays an increasingly important role, and to expand the ethnographic toolkit to better handle how digital media are embedded in everyday life. The project will employ 3 postdocs, and will be led by Marianne Lien.

The project "Shrinking the Planet: Psychotherapy and the New Global Middle Class" will be led by Keir Martin, and will employ 1 postdoc. The aim of the project is: “To achieve an understanding of the role of subjective processes in the emergence of new identities through a comparative ethnography of the 'new global middle-class'' engagement with psychotherapy as a technology of self-creation in countries with rapid economic growth and social change.”

Published Dec. 19, 2019 10:05 AM - Last modified Dec. 19, 2019 11:17 AM