English master's programme attracts international applicants

From the autumn of 2019, the Department of Social Anthropology has been offering a international master’s programme in Social Anthropology. Being teaching focused and job market relevant, and in English, the program attracts applicants from all over the world.

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- Last year we revised our master’s programme and created a new English master to offer a programme with the opportunity to study in an international environment in close cooperation with our researchers and research interests, says Jon Henrik Ziegler Remme, Head of teaching at SAI.

- The program attracted a lot of international applicants last year, and we expect even more this time around, says Remme.

Two streams

The programme consist of two streams. The students can choose to follow either Contemporary Ethnography or Global Political Economy. Both streams includes one semester of fieldwork and one semester dedicated to writing the master’s thesis.

  • Contemporary Ethnography: Ethnography has become a much sought-after tool in different workplaces in the recent years, for instance in consulting, NGOs and telecommunication. This master’s programme is unique in its heavy focus on ethnography with up to six months fieldwork. The programme focuses on how ethnography may be useful in the current job market.
  • Global Political Economy: In the context of ongoing global economic uncertainty, anthropological perspectives have often had a surprising influence on policy makers and public opinion shapers. This specialization will consist of courses exploring ethnographic insights into the nature of work and organisational relations, and anthropological viewpoints on key concepts and debates in political economy.

- Our program offer a unique opportunity to conduct long-term fieldwork, and I think together with the fact that they can do so in a department that is considered one of the leading anthropology departments in the world, is a major reason for the high numbers of international applicants, Remme says.

From Istanbul to Oslo

It was after learning about participant observation during a bachelor degree in sociology in Istanbul, Meriç G. Doğan decided to apply for a master's course in social anthropology. They wanted to do it abroad.

- University of Oslo guarantees you a housing upon arrival which I find very advantageous for international applicants. Finding and affording housing in Oslo would probably have been a huge struggle. Other than that there are many profits of being a student in Oslo city, from food to accommodation, sports, student clubs to health care. You will find so many opportunities to mingle and enjoy yourself, says Doğan.

Meric Dogan
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Doğan are now doing the first semester at the international master's programme in social anthropology.

- The Department of Social Anthropology at University of Oslo is very well equipped in terms of the diversity of subjects and interests of academic staff. There are scholarships you can apply for, you can do fieldwork abroad or at home. Maybe the only "bad" part of being here is the cold weather, but you get used to it, I promise, says Doğan.


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