Large interest for PhD Candidate's work on pharmaceuticals

Jonas Kure Buer has published three articles about the conceptualization of drugs in the treatment of rheumatology. His work has aroused great interest and the articles have been downloaded several thousand times.

Jonas Kure Buer


Buer is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Social Anthropology and will defend his dissertation on May 30th.  His latest article, “To stop the erosion of hope: the DMARD category and the place of semantics in modern rheumatology”, became available online in February and has been downloaded more than 1600 times. This article is a continuation of two previous articles, which also have been downloaded more than a thousand times.

Halvard Vike has been one of Buer’s supervisors and is impressed by the attention Buer’s work has gotten.

- The number of downloads seems truly exceptional, and I think they demonstrate that Buer is able to provide refreshing and critical insight into a field of great importance to us all, but of which our knowledge is very limited. Moreover, it seems to me that Buer's work inspires people to think about the far reaching implications of his findings and analyses. 

Original approach

Vike says that Buer’s doctoral thesis is innovative in a number of ways.

- His methodological approach is extremely systematic and thorough, and involves a set of carefully selected cases that provides unusually rich sources of analytical interpretation. His analysis of the development, testing, meaning and use of drugs in rheumatology deserves special attention, and represents an original approach to how important decisions are made in complex institutional systems - beyond categories such as evidence, rationality, efficiency, and professional discretion.  

The dissertation will take place on Tuesday May 30th.



Published May 18, 2017 11:07 AM - Last modified May 30, 2017 5:01 PM