Summer Scholarship for Master Students

The Department of Psychology funds up to six (6) summer scholarships - each 25 000 NOK. The scholarship is meant for students who would like to work on their Master thesis (or publish it) in the summer months June –August, or who has extra expences connected to data-gathering.

The scholarship is applicable for:

  • Master students who are in their 1st year on the Master program, who are in the process of collecting data or starting work on their Master thesis.


  • Master students who are about to finish their degree and will hand in their thesis in the spring semester. They can apply if they would like to write a research article based on their Master thesis.

Application process:

1. The total application should be no more than 3 pages. The application must include:

  • A concise and clear description of the research question in the project/article, stating the hypotheses and predictions and/or goals of the project.
  • A clear description of the conception and design of the project, how acquisition of data is going to (or did) take place (e.g., number of subjects, how many, etc.), methods and procedure, and how the analysis and interpretation of data is going to be (or was) performed.
  • A recommendation from the main supervisor, If the scholarship is meant for working with publishing the master theisis results.

2. Declare in a separate short section at the end of the document why the project is interesting and why the Department of Psychology should give you a scholarship for carrying out this specific project. Please state in one or two lines what you believe is the relevance of the study/project/article for the research field and for society.

3. Conclude the document by describing your role in the project as well as the role of the supervisor in planning and designing the project. Also describe your own role in the analysis of the data and the preparation of a manuscript. Argue for the feasibility given the limited time of your study and the duration of the master program.

Projects will be prioritized that fulfill the following requirements:

1) The project’s idea is original or novel within the field

2) The project seems to rely on a good design and method

3) The project is feasible within the limited time covered by the scholarship

4) The student shows a reasonable degree of independency to carry out the project

5) The project is supported by a supervisor who is one of the PSI faculty members

6) Applications from differing fields of research and different projects/supervisors will be preferred to several applications linked to the same project/supervisor


The committee will consist of two academics from different fields of psychology. Their task will be to evaluate the applications and decide who should be given a scholarship. There will be no written or oral feedback on the application.

Applicants will be notified by the end of May if they have been given funding. Confirmation letters will be sent in the same time period.

Unsuccessful applicants will be notified by email.

Send ( or hand in your application to the front desk before April 14th at 14:00.

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