Psykisk helse hos ungdom under covid-19 – Ensomhet, venner og sosiale medier

Stengte skoler og rådet om sosial distansering skulle hindre smitte under covid-19-pandemien. Men hvordan påvirket sosial distansering deres psykiske helse?

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Aim: During the COVID-19 pandemic, people in Norway were encouraged to keep physical distance to persons outside the family. This study examined whether substituting physical contact with peers with digital contact was associated with poor mental health and loneliness among Norwegian adolescents.

Method: High school students were recruited to an online survey through social media. A total of 540 girls and 140 boys answered both open and closed end questions about experiencing loneliness and symptoms of anxiety and depression, their social media use and their contact with friends, both physical and through online gaming.

Results: A large share of the adolescents (n = 192; 27.9 %) reported missing physical contact with friends. Regression analyses showed that a lack of physical contact with peers and social media use was associated with both loneliness and mental health problems. Gaming, however, was neither associated with loneliness nor mental health problems.

Implications: Promoting physical contact with peers may help prevent feelings of loneliness and mental health problems during adolescence.

Tidskrift for Norsk Psykologforening, 2020, 492-501

Publisert 10. aug. 2020 06:00