Fra fantasier om bærekraft til bærekraftige fantasier: En lacansk diskursanalyse av grønn ideologi

Klimaengasjement har en fundamental, affektiv side, og fantasier om bærekraft kan virke tiltrekkende.Med sin vektlegging av ubevisste fantasier kan psykoanalysen gi et verdifullt bidrag til forståelsen av grønn ideologi.


This article draws upon the psychoanalytic framework of Lacanian discourse analysis to explore political subjects’ affective investment in green ideology. An analysis of key texts by the Norwegian Green Party reveal how the Green Party postulate «nature» as the symbolic structure for man’s existence (the big Other), which the subject is invited to maintain through the notion of «sustainability» and promise of jouissance. The Green Party gives a conflicting account of the bond between man and nature, which serves both as a limit where symbolization falls short and an explanation to the constituent lack that green ideology necessarily must cover up. Finally, we discuss the prospect of a post-fantasmatic approach to green politics in the current political climate.

Tidsskrift for Norsk Psykologforening, 2018, 55 (6), 514-526


Publisert 13. aug. 2018 07:00