Forklaringer på individuelle forskjeller i tilknytningsmønstre hos barn og voksne


Differential explanation to attachment behavior

Early attachment experiences with a sensitive caregiver are an important factor for later adaptive behavior. Nonetheless, to fully explain attachment behavior in childhood as well as in adults, we also need to understand other causes to perceived individual differences. Some of these are genetic in origin; others are due to methodological variations in measuring attachment at different ages. This article discusses such factors as well as theoretical issues. Unclear conceptual borders between attachment and temperament in childhood, and attachment and personality in adults, are part of this explanation. The author holds that genetic research has contributed greatly to the understanding of the development of a secure or insecure attachment.

Tidsskrift for Norsk Psykologforening, 2013, 50 (1), 16-22

Publisert 12. feb. 2013 11:11 - Sist endret 24. aug. 2015 13:54