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Sist endret 13. okt. 2014 13:37 av Stian Andreassen

Anorexia nervosa (AN) has the highest mortality rates of all mental illnesses, a relatively poor prognosis, and an unclear aetiology. Empirical evidence is not available to support the choice of one treatment over another. Despite an obvious need to get these patients early into treatment and make them continue treatment, dropout from treatment is high. The lack of solid empirical knowledge on aetiology, which treatment modality to choose above another, and how to enhance help-seeking and reduce drop-out, represents a serious challenge to the health of patients with AN. In this regard, knowledge about patients’ perspectives of AN and of treatment is a scarcely utilized source. The establishment of a therapeutic alliance is of crucial importance to optimize clinical outcomes and prevent drop-out from treatment. Knowledge of patients’ perspectives is necessary to be able to take the patients’ perspective as departure for treatment motivation and the establishment of therapeutic alliances with AN patients.

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Kunnskap om pasienters egne erfaringer har hittil vært en lite utnyttet ressurs i forskning på  anoreksi. Nye undersøkelser bidrar nå med pasientenes perspektiv på en rekke tema av stor betydning for behandling av anoreksi.