Melanie Straiton

Sist endret 5. juni 2012 12:18 av Stian Andreassen

This thesis explores the gender socialisation perspective of suicidal and self-harming behaviour. More specifically, it aims to improve our understanding of self-harm in relation to gender. Self-harm is frequently found to be more common among women and this thesis discusses why this might be the case. Consideration is given to what self-harm is and how different aspects of positive and negative conventional gender roles relate to it. Self-harm is investigated in both a clinical and non-clinical sample. 

Sist endret 7. juni 2012 14:19 av Svein Harald Milde

Selvskading forekommer oftere blant kvinner enn menn. I sin doktorgradsavhandling har Melanie Straiton undersøkt hvorfor det er slik.

Sist endret 5. juni 2012 12:09 av Stian Andreassen