Aina Olsvold

Sist endret 27. aug. 2012 15:50 av Svein Harald Milde

Mor, barn og far opplever ADHD-diagnosen og medisineringen forskjellig. Mens mødre opplever diagnosen og medisineringen av sitt barn som en lettelse, oppfatter mange barn diagnosen som et stigma. I tillegg plages barna av bivirkninger fra medisinene. 

Sist endret 23. aug. 2012 13:09 av Stian Andreassen
Sist endret 27. aug. 2012 13:45 av Stian Andreassen

What happens when a child is diagnosed with ADHD and medicated with stimulants? In the thesis: “When ‘ADHD’ comes through the door”, reactions to ADHD diagnosis and drug treatment are separately explored from children’s and their mothers’ and fathers’ perspective. Little is known about: 1) children’s experiences and understandings of ADHD diagnosis and drug treatment, and the effect this has on their identity and sense of self, who they are and who they can be; and 2) the implications diagnosis and medical treatment have for parents’ understandings and experiences of their child and for the relationship between parent and child. This thesis presents findings from a qualitative study involving nineteen children (seventeen boys and two girls), and their mothers and fathers. In-depth-interviews were conducted with each of the participants using a psychosocial methodological approach, which emphasizes the intimate connection between the inner and outer worlds, as well as the intertwined character of social class and gender in the production of meaning.