APA Handbook of Clinical Psychology, Vol. 5., Education and Profession, 1st. edition

Michael Helge Rønnestad har sammen med David E. Orlinsky og Hadas Wiseman skrevet kapittelet "Professional development and personal therapy" i J. C. Norcross, G. R., VandenBos & D. K. Freedheim, (Eds.) APA Handbook of Clinical Psychology, Vol. 5., Education and Profession, 1st. edition

Om kapittelet:

In this chapter, the authors present an overview of research, theory, and practice on the development of clinical psychologists, primarily in their role as psychotherapists, and of the ways in which personal therapy contributes to their growth.  Methodological and conceptual perspectives on psychotherapist development are discussed with a specific focus on the distinction between professional role identity and role performance. Two large scale empirical studies on psychotherapist development are described in more detail [i.e. the Minnesota study of therapist and counselor development (Rønnestad, M. H. & Skovholt, T. M., 2013, The developing practitioner. New York: Routledge); The Society for Psychotherapy Research-Collaborative Research Network international study of the development of psychotherapist (Orlinsky, D. E. & Rønnestad, 2005. How psychotherapists develop. Washington, DC: American psychological Association)]. The chapter concludes with recommendations for future research and for how to enhance professional development and personal therapy.

Forlagets omtale:

The 5-volume APA Handbook of Clinical Psychology reflects the state-of-the-art in clinical psychology — science, practice, research, and training.

The Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of: the history of clinical psychology, specialties and settings, theoretical and research approaches, assessment, treatment and prevention, psychological disorders, health and relational disorders, health promotion, educational paths, psychologists' development, ethics and standards, professional organizations, and future directions of clinical psychology.

With content incorporating the editorial board's commitment to the themes of diversity, evidence-based practices, and international contributions, this addition to the APA Handbooks in Psychology® series will be an essential resource for students, researchers, educators, and practitioners.



Published Sep. 26, 2016 7:00 AM