The structure of desire in Peer Gynt’s relationship to Solveig. A reading inspired by Melanie Klein

Anders Zachrisson har sammen med Marit Aalen skrevet en artikkel i Ibsen Studies


In “The Structure of Desire in Peer Gynt’s relationship to Solveig. A Reading inspired by Melanie Klein” Marit Aalen and Anders Zachrisson try to explain why Peer Gynt “cannot choose”, and how he “counteracts his [own] emerging as a person [and] is halted at the threshold of adult life”. These standard issues within the literature on Peer Gynt, are given a new context of understanding in their attempt to uncover a “structure of desire in Peer Gynt” based on the theories of Melanie Klein. Starting from what they call Peer’s “werewolf fantasy” as an expression of the desire that Klein called greed, they analyse “how this desire starts a causal chain that runs through Peer’s encounters with Solveig, the bride abduction, the Woman in Green and finally [ . . . ] mother Aase”. Their argument is related to the more common “Kierkegaardian” reading of the play, but brings in new elements and new perspectives.

Ibsen Studies, 2013, 13 (2), 130-160

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