The ethics of psychology in the age of the globalized therapeutic culture

Ole Jacob Madsen har skrevet kapittelet " The ethics of psychology in the age of the globalized therapeutic culture" i  Athanasios Marvakis, Johanna Motzkau, Desmond Painter, Rose Ruto-Korir, Gavin Sullivan, Sofia Triliva og Martin Wieser (Eds.): Doing Psychology under New Conditions

Om kapittelet:

Psychology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries is often depicted as a globalized therapeutic culture, existent in evermore niches of late Western society. How can this "everywhereness of psychology" be dealt with by the discipline of psychology in a responsible manner? The article maintains that whereas in previous decades the debate has been whether psychologists should refrain from any extra-laboratory activities, or should actively take the role of promoters of human welfare in society, this distinction is no longer meaningful, as psychology already finds itself in the center of Western culture. I highlight the new challenge for psychology under new conditions by the recent rise of cosmetic surgery in Norway, which is embedded in the therapeutic culture, and thus avoids criticism by advocating that surgical interventions is mainly directed at gaining self-esteem. I conclude that the present challenge might be considered the final argument for societal ethics rather than traditional professional ethics, in order to sufficiently deal with the present psychologized state of affairs.

Forlagets omtale:

As a theme for theoretical psychology, Doing psychology under New Conditions implies a complex context and shifting background against which our conceptual, philosophical and critical work is briefly foregrounded. As the contributors to this edition of the conference proceedings show, new connections are forged between previously independent intellectual activities, political allegiances and solidarities shift and change, and previously unanticipated situations require new responses. The papers in the volume highlight changes to the environments in which psychology operates that are not merely re-iterations of previous theoretical topics.




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