Ideology and Social Psychology

Hilde Eileen Nafstad og Rolv Mikkel Blakar har skrevet en artikkel i Social and Personality Psychology Compass


This article takes as critical point of departure the currently individualized nature of mainstream social psychology. It is argued that by using the concept of ideology, social psychology may be transformed into a more societal social psychology and thereby a discipline more relevant to individual, society and social life. Based on the interplay between language usage and ideology, moreover, a methodology for assessing ideological changes in society by identifying shifts in language usage in the public discourse (newspapers) is presented. Research conducted by this methodology, including comparative studies of how the globalized neoliberalism with its strong individualism merges with local ideologies in various societies around the world is then reviewed. Finally, analyses of a society’s ideological reactions upon terrorism, is presented.

Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 2012, 6 (4), 282–294

Published Apr. 30, 2012 2:24 PM - Last modified Nov. 29, 2016 12:10 AM