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What social psychology studies

Social psychology studies the interaction between individuals and their social environment. This includes how the social environment influences individual thought, feeling, and behavior.

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It also includes how individuals coordinate with each other in social relations, organizations, institutions, societies, and cultures.

Social psychologists study various levels of human thinking and behavior, from social cognition to emotions and their physiology, to nonverbal behavior, and to social interaction. We are interested in how individuals interact with each other, but also how groups interact with each other, including the study of stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination.

We are also interested in applying social psychology, for instance in studying impacts on environmental behavior and health.

Research Groups

Many social psychologists at the department work together in the Social Psychology Research Group. In addition, researchers from other fields also work on topics related to Social Psychology. A complete list is shown on the right. The pages of the Social Psychology Research Group page lists its members and current research Projects.

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