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Clinical psychology and personality psychology

Clinical psychology is the part of psychology that deals with the individual's psychological conflicts, crises and life difficulties. Personality psychology involves studies of the personality’s structure, function and development, and also the importance of personality towards overall adjustment and health.

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Personality psychology

An important aim is to understand how a human functions psychologically and socially as a whole and complex individual. In addition to providing knowledge about personality that applies to all people or groups of people (eg. gender or cultural differences), one is, in this field, also interested in developing methods for description and analysis of individuals' psychological reactions and life.

Clinical psychology

Clinical psychology, which has a foundation in general personality psychology, studies the characteristics of mental disorders, and their causes, development and treatment using different research methods. At the Department of Psychology, clinical psychology is both a widely established research field and an area for development of theory and practice relating to clinical skills, especially psychotherapy.

Research projects:

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