Closing the Gap between Disciplines of Psychology

Welcome to the Department’s 1st Annual Research Conference!

Attendance registration is now closed (deadline was November 10th).



December 1st

11:00 Bus from PSI til Soria Moria
12:00 LUNCH
13:00 Welcome by Head of Research, Tor Endestad
13:10 “Growing up to be flexible with words”, Julien Mayor, HUP

“Love yourself as a person, doubt yourself as a therapist? - on the contribution of the therapist to psychotherapy outcomes", Helene Nissen-Lie, Clinical

13:50 BREAK
14:00 “Cognitive control: modules, modes, and modulations”, René Huster, Cog.Clin.Neur.

“How satisfactory is «satisfaction» as a scientific concept in well-being research?”, Erik Carlquist, MAKS

14:40 BREAK - International faculty photoshoot

“Aging starts in the womb – factors influencing brain and cognition through the lifespan”, Kristine B. Walhovd, LCBC

15:20 “Using smartphone apps in psychological research at the UiO”, Tilmann von Soest, HUP
15:40 BREAK with something light to eat
15:50 “Research Unit for Neuropsychopathology (RUN)”, Christine Mohn, Clinical

Show me your corpus callosum, and I tell you how smart you are …?”, René Westerhausen, LCBC

16:30 BREAK

“How the brain gives rise to hedonic feelings”, Siri Leknes, Ass. Professor, MAKS


“Secondary prevention of depression applying an experimental Attentional Bias Modification procedure.  A randomized controlled trial.”, Nils Inge Landrø, Cog.Clin.Neur.

17:20 Closing remarks
19:00 Aperitif
19:30 Dinner


December 2nd

09:30 Summarizing Day 1, Tor Endestad
09:40 Winners of the Departments best Articles 2016 (PhD) presents 2X10 min
10:00 Poster walk
11:30 Winner of the best poster to be announced
11:35 Poster presentation by winner
11:45 LUNCH
12:45 Bus to PSI





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