Christmas Seminar and Party

Welcome to the Department of Psychology`s Christmas seminar. It will be held at Soria Moria Hotel.

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December 4st

10:30 Bus from PSI til Soria Moria
12:00 LUNCH
13:00 Welcome, Trine Waaktaar, Head of Education, / Tor Endestad, Head of Research

From 'A hard day's night' to 'Stop and smell the roses', Trine Waaktaar, Head of Education


New ways of teaching: How to engage students in large group lectures, Karine Viana, HUP

13.50 Peergrade – a digital tool to engage students in peer review, Ylva Østby and Silje Reme, Cog. Neuro. and HUP
14:20 BREAK

'With a little help of my friends', Tor Endestad, Head of Research

14.50 Fordeler og ulemper ved å forske i klinikk, Merete Glenne Øie, Clin. Psy.

Falling into sync with your practitioner - using fMRI hyperscanning to parse the patient-clinician interaction, Dan Mikael Ellingsen, Cog. Neuro.

15.30 PROMENTAEspen Røysamb, HUP
15:50 BREAK (with something light to eat)
16.00 LCBC, Kristine Walhovd, LCBC

The Healthy Sexual Ageing Project, Bente Træen, HUP

16.40 The Sound of Motion, Bruno Laeng, RITMO SFF


18.00 BREAK
19:00 Aperitif, by the restaurant
19:20 Award Announcements
20.00 Dinner


December 5th

09:00 Introduction,  Trine Waaktaar and Tor Endestad, Heads of Education and Research

Presentation,  Bjørn Lau, New Head of Department


Internal Collaboration (break included)

HUP, Francisco Pons

MAKS, Beate Seibt

Clin Psy,  Ole Andre Solbakken

LCBC, Kristine Walhovd

Cog. Neuro. Rene  Huster

12.00 LUNCH
13.00 Bus to PSI

The programme will be updated.

Attendance registration: closed. 

Poster registration: closed. Deadline: November 18th. 

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