Nordic Critical Psychology Network

The Nordic Critical Psychology Network (NCPN) is a network for scholars in the Nordic countries whose work interests include Critical Psychology. The network has members from all the Nordic countries.

About the group

NCPN members work with a great variety of topics and from many different theoretical and methodological perspectives, but have in common a critical approach towards assumptions and practices in mainstream psychology, as well as an ideal of using psychology to combat social injustice.

As Critical Psychology has been nearly absent in Norway, this network is an attempt to strengthen the position of critical psychology in Norway and in the rest of the Nordic countries.

The network brings together psychology scholars interested in Critical Psychology. Researchers and others can find potential collaborators through the network, and students who want to write theses or essays within this perspective can find potential advisors.


Primary goals of the NCPN are:

  • Events: to form a base from which critical psychology events (conferences, seminars, meetings, etc.) can be organized

  • Community: to create a community for critical psychologists in the Nordic countries

  • Contact: to provide an arena for contact and exchange of ideas between critical psychologists and academic communities

  • Collaboration: to promote research collaboration within and across country borders

  • Visibility: to increase the visibility and accessibility of critical psychology work


NCPN members’ work and interests are listed on their homepage or their own description. Some of the issues that members work with are:

  • Neoliberalistic ideology

  • Genital mutilation

  • Atypical sex development

  • Gender identity

  • Sexuality

  • Parenthood

  • Technology

  • Marginalization of ethnic minorities

  • Criminal gangs

  • Living with physical illness

  • Children’s learning

  • Children’s communities

  • Subjectivity

  • Feminism

  • Employment discrimination

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