Regina Sofia Skar-Fröding

PhD candidate

Funding and collaboration

My PhD-study is part of a larger research project called A pairwise randomized study on implementation of guidelines and evidence-based treatments of psychoses, that started in 2016 at the R&D Department, Division of Mental Health Services, Akershus University Hospital. The projects main purpose is to gain knowledge about the current implementation of clinical guidelines for treatment of psychosis, and on how implementation on evidence based treatments can be improved.

In addition to the main project, data from 325 service users with psychoses and clinicians have been gathered from six health authorities (Akershus University Hospital, The Hospital Innlandet, Sørlandet Hospital, Stavanger University Hospital, Health Fonna and University Hospital of Northern Norway) that are collaborating partners in the project.

My PhD-project is based on these data, and the main purpos is to examine

  1. Service users’ experiences of personal recovery
  2. The relationship between personal and clinical recovery
  3. How satisfied the service users are with the health services they receive

Academic interests

  • Psychosis/Schizophrenia
  • Recovery
  • Health services research

Research team

Research group: Mental health, treatment and implementation, R&D Department, Division of Mental Health Services, Akershus University Hospital.

  • Main supervisor: Kristin S. Heiervang
  • Co-supervisor: Hanne Clausen
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