Maren Cecilie Gunnulfsen Kopland

PhD candidate
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Phone 32 74 88 59
Visiting address Badeveien 287 3370 Vikersund 

Funding and collaboration

Academic interests

Eating disorders, childhood trauma, mechanisms of change in therapy, self-compassion as a mechanism of change in eating disorder patients. Kopland has worked in a specialised inpatient unit for eating disorder treatment for several years.
Eating disorders rank among the 10 leading causes of disability among young women and the recovery rate is as low as 50%. Studies have shown that patients with a history of childhood trauma are overrepresented among those who do not recover from inpatient treatment. The PhD-project is a part of a larger randomised control study investigating how patients with or without childhood trauma responds to either compassion focused therapy (CFT) or cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).


Psychologist, PhD-candidate.

Research team

  • KariAnne Vrabel (Modum Bad, University of Oslo)
  • Asle Hoffart (Modum Bad/University of Oslo)
  • Sverre Urnes Johnson (University of Oslo/Modum Bad)
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