Ingvild Haugen

PhD candidate

Currently working on the research project Cognitive remediation of executive dysfunction: Goal Management Training for patients with schizophrenia or high risk for schizophrenia. Many patients with schizophrenia also have cognitive impairments, executive functions being particularly affected. Executive dysfunction is an important predictor of functional outcomes. The current study evaluates whether Goal Management Training (GMT) is an effective treatment.

Funding and collaboration

Ph.d-scholarship from South Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority. Additional funding for the project comes from Hospital Innlandet Trust and University of Oslo. Fekjær psychiatric centre collaborates on recruitment of participants. 

Academic interests

Interests include treatment for psychosis and other mental illnesses. Current research focuses on cognition, in particular cognitive remediation for executive dysfunction.


Degree in psychology (cand. psychol.) from University of Oslo in 2016. Also working as a clinical psychologist in a ward for patients with psychosis at Innlandet Hospital.

Research team

Main supervisor and project manager is professor Merete Glenne Øie. Co-supervisors are  Elisabeth Haug (ph.d, MD) and adjunct associate professor Jan Stubberud. Collaborators include associate professor Torill Ueland from NORMENT and professor Brian Levine of Rotman Research Institute, Baycrest Health Sciences.

Tags: Cognition, Schizophrenia, Executive function


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  • Haugen, Ingvild; Haug, Elisabeth; Stubberud, Jan Egil; Ueland, Torill & Øie, Merete Glenne (2018). Goal Management Training of executive functions for patients with schizophrenia or high risk of schizophrenia.

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